The bright side…

19 Oct

Mondays are usually NOT my friend…it’s really a shame that I wake up with that mentality almost every Monday morning. But today was different…my day started out great from the minute I woke up–it was finally sunny after 5 days of dreariness! That’s enough to make it a good day :)

I am really enjoying all of my Political Science courses this semester, and I actually look forward to them. Go figure! Apparently being interested in them makes it that much better, because my grades have been pretty spectacular too…and today I got an A on an exam that I was not expecting to do so well on! I feel like allllll the stress is going to hit me at once though, when all of my term papers are due practically at the same time. Yikes! Oh well, I do my best work when I’m under pressure…well, hopefully!



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