Stress! Story of my life…

21 Oct

Ah, so I realized that I am in DEFINITE need of retaking the LSAT if I want a chance to go to a top-tier law school. It’s sooo stressful that I’m apparently terrible at taking that darn test. I do well in college, make A’s on tests, and then I get a less-than-exciting LSAT score. Again. It diminishes all of the brilliance I feel from doing well in my classes! Sooooo, there are 45 days until the LSAT, and I’m not accepting any less than 45 hours of studying. I hope to put in even more than that, but with exams and papers galore, I can’t expect too much free time.

Its really beginning to hit me that graduation is so very soon…I’m starting to freak out! I feel so young…well I am young really, since I’m graduating a year early. Yikes! I feel like this has all came about so quickly, but in a way I am excited! If I can just ace this LSAT (um, i HAVE to…) and then the GMAT…and maybe the GRE (total overachiever?) then I could start enjoying my last months of college a little more! I have big dreams, and that means I have a lot of work to do to achieve them!!! What can I say…I like stress, in a love/hate sort of way….



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