23 Oct

So plans are going well for my Mama’s 50th! Got some planning done tonight, and putting the invitations in the mail tomorrow :) Going to do a little shopping with Mama tomorrow…I’m in need of retail therapy…it’s been too long!!! Speaking of shopping…just added a Longchamp bag to my Christmas wishlist. Actually I’m going to make it CLEAR that I want one for Christmas…haha. I have a thing for purses, and most people would probably freak out when they saw my closet full of them. Especially the Lacoste and Coach ones that I spent wayyyy too much $$$ on! Can’t help it, they’re my favorite…along with shoes! You can never have enough pairs of cute shoes :)

Sunday–my family is going to Charlottesville. We go up there to an apple orchard every fall and pick apples and buy cider…such a beautiful place on top of Thomas Jefferson’s mountain. Speaking of TJ, I wanted to go back to Monticello as well so that should be fun. I love history, I love politics, and I love gorgeous architecture. If you haven’t been there, its definitely worth a trip! :)

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