Love is the end

28 Oct

Sooooo where do I begin?! It’s beginning to really hit me that I’m graduating in May and I’ll be a grown-up in the “real world”…ha. I am trying to decide what is the best career/education move for me…I still want to go to Law School, but I’m also considering Graduate School for Business or Public Policy, and maybe an Environmental Fellows program. I’m really interested in an Environmental career and I’m beginning to think that maybe having a little experience to set me apart would be a good thing for furthering my education and also getting a good job. It’s all happening at once! I’m going to apply to law school, several grad programs, and also for this potential fellow opportunity. We shall see I guess! :)

It seems like every day I find out another friend is engaged and getting married soon. It’s so exciting for them, but I still feel like we’re all so young! I must say, though, that the more I hear about these engagements and weddings, I’m more ready than ever to follow suit :) That’s the thing, no matter where you are in your life, whether you’re going back to school or going out in the workforce…being married to the love of your life is always a good thing…and I can hardly wait, even though we agreed on waiting a few years…we’ll see ;)



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