Feels like the holidays…

5 Nov

I think the Starbucks holiday cups did me in. It feels like Christmastime already, and its not even Thanksgiving yet!!! I love the Fall–Halloween, Thanksgiving, all of it. So I’m trying to not get completely in Christmas mode. But I am definitely guilty of listening to Christmas music already…haha! And I’m soooo excited for my Mom’s 50th coming up next weekend. I love party planning…for any holiday or event. I really hope this party remains a surprise and it goes as planned!!! Unfortunately I can’t be in the middle of getting things together the “day of” because I am taking my mom shopping to get her out of the house. So I’m leaving all of my planning/organizing/decorating in the hands of my Dad, boyfriend, and my Aunt (Mom’s sister). I REALLY hope they can do this, and make it pretty. I’m very certain that I’ll have created a detailed list of what should be done and when and how, by the time next Saturday gets here! That’s just how I am…and this party is my “child” so I want it to go smoothly. haha…not to mention I am a complete control freak AND perfectionist!

I’m trying to throw some cute ideas together for decorations and things like that…I decided I would go through and find some good pictures of my mom at various ages and make a pretty collage. There will also be TONS of balloons and hopefully some pretty flowers…we’re trying to go easy on the “Over the Hill” decor, as my mom is totally turned off by that. I want it to be a nice party, too, so I’m not going for the all-black theme!

Time to get back to planning ;)




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