To my grandmother, a wonderful woman

12 Nov

I hadn’t shared this before, but this week my family has been through a lot. My grandmother, at 80, passed away on Sunday. She had Alzheimers and Dementia for the past 5 years, and it increasingly worsened. I hated watching her struggle so often, and it really bothered me when she couldn’t remember things. In the last few months, she didn’t really know many of us. I am confident that she knew my mom, though. My mother has gone above and beyond for her since she became ill, and even before then. I am certain that she knew my mom was sitting with her right up until she passed away, and she’ll be eternally grateful for that. We had so many family and friends at the house this week, and so many people had wonderful things to say about my grandmother. I never really put it into perspective just how much of an impact she had on everyone she met over the years, but she was certainly a wonderful woman. I will never forget her. She did anything and everything for me, and for that I will always be grateful. I love you, Grandma. I hope heaven treats you well. Ruby Leuvenia Pierce ~ April 15, 1929-November 8, 2009



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