So close to the holidays :)

21 Nov

It’s finally the week of Thanksgiving…which means decorating for Christmas! For some reason, when I woke up this morning I really wanted to start decorating, but it’ll have to wait ’til at least Tuesday! I feel fairly accomplished, as I made myself stay home last night and work on my first term paper (out of four!!!) due very soon. The past few days I’ve noticed I get more done when I’m watching Christmas movies or listening to holiday music…I think it really does remind me that the semester is soooo very close to being over!

Now I’m getting ready to go to Norfolk for the Grand Illumination parade. Interestingly, I have never been to this parade a single time, even though I have lived in Hampton Roads all my life! I have watched it on TV plenty of times, but I think being there will actually get me pumped for Christmas! It is supposed to be a gorgeous evening, and my boyfriend and I are going to see a few high school friends that I rarely see a little later on tonight. Should be fun!



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