End of semester, holidays, and free stuff! :)

3 Dec

Finally December, and well it feels like the work is never-ending! But there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel…on December 18th! I just finished a 10-page Environmental Politics term paper, and now I’m about to start a 15-page paper on The Right-to-Life campaign…I LOVE political science all the time, EXCEPT at the end of the semester! That’s when all the term papers and other assignments are crammed into the last two weeks of classes. I just keep telling myself it’s almost over! One more semester to go, then I’m a graduate…still seems weird to me!

Right now I’m sooo high on Christmas that its difficult to focus on anything other than the holidays…and shopping…but I’m trying! After this weekend, I should have more time to spend on fun things, like my mom and I’s annual Christmas cookie baking and watching Christmas movies and other fun things :)

By the way, speaking of shopping…did anyone see the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?! I live for that every year…it always makes me want to go shopping soooo much! I LOVE VS…it seems like they always have great deals, and the more you shop there, the more coupons you get in the mail! Definitely worthwhile :) There’s actually a deal going on now, if you’re a member of PINK Nation, which is totally free and you get special deals pretty often from it. If you login, you can print out a coupon for a free VS PINK panty between Dec 2-Dec 7th…a model was wearing a pair of them in the show to advertise the special. Here is the link: Click here to join PINK Nation…get free VS holiday panties!

Just thought I’d share that…it’s like a Christmas gift to yourself, but completely FREE :)



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