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Procrastination At Its Finest…

31 Jan

After being stuck inside all day yesterday because of the blizzard snow storm that was happening outside, I really wanted to get out to the gym for a good workout! I mentioned yesterday that I did workout videos from, but I can only do those but so often without getting bored. So I put on my boots and grabbed my running shoes, and hoped that I wasn’t wasting my time walking to the clubhouse gym! And it was actually OPEN, surprisingly :) I know last week we had a little bit of an ice storm, nothing too serious, but the clubhouse was closed. So needless to say, I figured with over a foot of snow on the ground it would be closed today! Pleasant surprise that it wasn’t :) I decided to just focus on cardio today because I’ve done a lot of strength and toning exercises this past week, and I’m definitely feeling the soreness! I did an hour of intervals on the Elliptical at the highest level…it gets pretty intense! Then I walked for 30 minutes, about 2.5 miles(?) on the treadmill at 10% incline and 4.2 MPH. It was nice to get in a good, sweaty workout…sounds funny, but it really makes you feel better! I was counting on my Hot Yoga class to get in a good sweat, but THAT didn’t happen because of the snowstorm yesterday. Oh well, maybe this upcoming Saturday ;)

I’ve pretty successfully procrastinated today after I got back from the gym…I did some crunches & burpees for the Core Challenge, and folded laundry…and that’s about it! I’ve been reading blogs and looking up some good tofu recipes to plan my grocery list. I seem to have a problem doing schoolwork on the weekend…does anyone else have a procrastination problem?

I think I’ll make myself read a little for classes, catch up on emails, and I’ll definitely be watching The Grammy’s tonight! Hope everyone has had a great Sunday :)



Laziness is Unheard Of ;)

30 Jan

So I lied about taking a “day off.” Haha I knew that wouldn’t happen! Well, first I laid in bed and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic on Netflix On Demand…it was a really cute movie! But after being lazy all morning, I started to get antsy, as usual! I’m just not good at being lazy…haha…does anyone else have that problem? Most people I know think I’m crazy because I can’t just relax for a whole 24 hours. I personally just feel better and am in a better mood when I feel like I’ve been productive, of sorts. So I ended up working out for 1.5 hours using…I did a Strength and Toning video, then half of a cardio video (I found it was wayyy too easy!) and then a CardioKickboxing video, which I really enjoyed! I then did lots of Abs for the Core Challenge that I’m participating in! So even with all the snow on the ground (we ended up with over a foot…the whole town is shut down!), I got in a good workout! Then I ended up cleaning up, washing clothes, vacuuming, and fun things like that. Last but not least, I cooked dinner! So the first half of my day I let myself be “lazy” and then I got some things done the second half! I think its a good compromise :)

Now I think I’ll read a magazine and watch some of the Miss America pageant. Hope everyone has had a fab Saturday! ;)

Snow Day Saturday!

30 Jan

Well it looks like the weathermen were RIGHT for once! We have over a foot of snow on the ground and its still falling…guess I’ll find a way to enjoy it! I wasn’t too excited about being cooped up inside this weekend, but now that the snow is here, its really pretty and I’m actually excited to have a “day off” from everyday life. I honestly NEED a break from working out, and I never give myself one…so today is a mandatory day off from cardio, at least. I do plan to do some strength training/Pilates/Core Challenge workout throughout the day. Hey, what else is there to do? ;)

I do think I’ll watch movies alllll day long while I’m doing whatever it is I find to do…ha ha its so weird to act like I have nothing to do, when in fact I could be doing LOTS of schoolwork! Oh well, I’ll save that for another snow school day!

Obviously, I’m in the mountains, so all of this snow isn’t uncommon…but where I’m actually from is near the Atlantic coast, so we rarely get snow. Wellllll, as of this morning, they have about as much snow at home as we do here in the mountains! How exciting :) I just wish I was there to enjoy it with everyone. So far most of my good friends/family members from home have started out the day drinking (haha I suppose there’s nothing better to do!) and sledding…sounds like a dangerous combination…but I would probably do it too, honestly! :)

I hope everyone who woke up to snow this morning is out enjoying it! And for everyone else, enjoy being able to go out and do things while us others are cooped up at home! ;)

Snow outside the townhouse!


Finally Friday!

29 Jan

I’m sooo glad its the weekend! Just two weeks of classes in, and I’m already over school. Good thing there are only 104 days until I graduate from college! Wow I still have a hard time believing I’ll be a college grad in 4 months!

This afternoon I decided I was going to brave BodyPump again…I got to the gym in time to do 20 minutes on the elliptical on high resistance before the class. When I walked in the fitness studio, the instructor said she isn’t the usual BodyPump instructor, so she would be doing her “own thing.” Crap! I had a bad feeling about it from the start…my first BodyPump class on Monday was soooo intense and the instructor was really hardcore and had an awesome mix of music. Today there was no such thing! We did a lot of squats and lunges, and I did feel it in my arms a little, but it was nowhere near as good of a workout as Monday’s class was. Oh well. Since I didn’t feel like I got a great workout, I ran a quick mile on the treadmill and then walked on a 10% incline at 4.2 MPH for about 22 minutes…so 30 minutes total. I also just signed up for the Core Challenge on KloĆ©’s Blog. So I’ll be doing some Ab workouts very soon after this post ;)

I was trying to get a really good workout in because it looks like tomorrow might be an off day for me…or at least a light workout day. We’re supposed to get about a foot of snow from now until tomorrow evening…yay. So that means I won’t be making it to the gym if we get snowed in…I’m not really thrilled about being cooped up inside, but maybe I do need the rest and relaxation! It actually started snowing a little on my way back from the gym…I need to look and see if there’s a foot of snow out there already. I wouldn’t doubt it…haha. Around here, snow is a very common thing….

Well I suppose I’m going to relax and maybe catch up on my magazine reading…just got a new Self and Shape in the mail! ;)


Three Things Thursday

28 Jan

1. I finally made it outside to run…I did a fast 5 miles uphill, downhill, through the wind and freezing weather…no treadmill in sight! It was LOVELY ;)

2. Apparently, we’re getting a super-snowstorm this weekend…the minimum amount of snow is supposed to be 6″…yikes! Looks like I’ll be holed up in the townhouse all weekend, because I’m sure not driving in it! I actually have 4WD but we have a huge hill to go down in our neighborhood and I’m not going to attempt it…haha

3. The Personal Training class I’m taking is really awesome…next week we get to do Fitness Assessments, which means I officially have an excuse to wear workout clothes to classes 2 times next week: Tuesday & Thursday! That’s a reason to look forward to the week ahead :)

Variety is the Spice of Life

27 Jan

Because I don’t want to get in a workout rut, I decided I would try something different today. I did BodyStep, which is the Les Mills take on Step Aerobics. The Les Mills program is the same one behind the BodyPump workout I did on Monday. I hadn’t done a Step class in almost a year actually! It was fairly challenging, but I wouldn’t say it was too tough of a workout. I did a fast mile & a half-mile walk on 10% incline before the class, so I think altogether it was a decent workout. Its just nice to have some variety and work out different parts of my body throughout the week!

Afterward, I made a grocery store stop to pick up some veggies, hummus, and cereal. I spend a lot of money on groceries…I think its because I always buy healthy foods, some organic…plus Greek Yogurt is sooo expensive around here! But I love it too much to not buy any :) What’s bad is that I have a mealplan on my college campus, and there are lots of good places to eat…I’m just picky and I prefer to cook healthy meals for myself. I mostly use my mealplan $$$ on coffee between classes and the occasional cup of soup from ABP for lunch. Oh well. I wanted to stock up on all of my favorite healthy foods because the weathermen are calling for a snowstorm this weekend…anywhere from 6″ up…and since anything over an inch is going to keep me from driving out, I though it was good to keep the kitchen stocked for the weekend! This weather is getting in the way of my running though…I want Sundays to be my designated long run day, but it looks like this is the second weekend of that NOT happening! I might have to hit the clubhouse treadmill again this weekend…



26 Jan

Today was one of those days when no matter how many layers you have on, you FREEZE. Not to mention it snowed off and on all day long…and there’s a *big snow storm* brewing for the end of the week, supposedly. We shall see! I like snow, but I don’t like being stuck inside…especially since Saturdays are now designated as Hot Yoga days, and Sundays are my long run day. Sigh.

After a lonnnnng day of classes (that never seemed to end) and being so cold all day, I started to feel just how sore I am from BodyPump last night! Wow that was an extreme workout, I guess since I rarely do free weights…and I think I might have lifted a little too much weight for the first class! I found out that there are BodyPump classes at the gym I just joined off-campus, so I hope to do a class or two a week in between my other workouts. Anyways, I was SO sore, especially my arms and shoulders, so I decided I would take it easy tonight to let my body recover. I did 35 minutes of intervals on the elliptical…enough to feel like I got a workout, but nothing too intense.

I had a package of Tofu in the fridge that I hadn’t cooked yet, and I couldn’t decide what to make. I thought about Tofu Chili, but I had Tomato Bisque soup for lunch and wasn’t feeling more tomatoes for dinner! So I marinated the tofu in a balsamic & olive oil vinaigrette with some spices while I went to the gym…I let it marinate for close to 2 hours. I didn’t have time to bake it, so I sauteed it on the stove and made a side of steamed veggies to go with it. It was really good actually…I wasn’t sure if it would have flavor but I guess those two hours of marinating made a difference! Its nice to change it up every now and then…I am not a vegetarian, but I think I lean more toward a veggie diet than a meat-eater’s diet. I like to get protein from other sources and not rely so much on meat. Ha, I mean CHICKEN. I don’t eat red meat anyways…or pork, really. The only meat I actually eat is chicken, and I eat fish (Mahi-Mahi, Salmon, Tuna) from time to time. But I don’t know if I want to actually classify myself as a vegetarian any time soon…I do like grilled chicken every now and then!

Last night my boyfriend and I were talking about my upcoming graduation and he brought up our future…engagement. We talk about it quite often actually, but he still has another year of school (I’m graduating a year early), and then he plans to go for a year to get his Master’s in Accounting so he’ll be an official CPA :) Soooo that means I don’t necessarily get a ring anytime soon, but it may be sooner than I think… Anyways I found myself looking on again…I have done that numerous times before too…I guess I can dream, for now ;)

Well since I’ve successfully killed time not doing schoolwork tonight, I guess I’ll read a little then get some sleep!