Found a new thing to add to my workout!

9 Jan

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up to take a hot yoga class today…yet I signed up for the 90 minute class and ignored the “beginner’s classes.” I have taken yoga for about four years off and on, and know pretty much all of the poses, so I wasn’t too worried about being lost during the class. So I woke up bright and early this morning to drive to Norfolk…it sucks that you have to drive like 30-45 minutes to get to anything from my house, but I can’t complain too much! I love living in the country ;)

The guidelines that I found on the yoga studio’s website, found HERE, said you shouldn’t eat much before practicing yoga, so I just had a little yogurt with some dried cranberries mixed in…and I drank a large glass of water…and a cup of coffee (I couldn’t resist!). Once I got to the studio, the instructor for the 90 minute class showed me around the studio, which is VERY nice by the way! She told me how the class is taught and said that occasionally the heat (did I mention its 105 degrees?!) can make you feel a little overwhelmed, but instead of leaving the room, you should just go into Child’s Pose. We started off the class with breathing exercises and Sun Salutations, then moved on to balance poses and stretching and a few core strengthening poses before final relaxation. In the 90 minute class you do 2 sets of each pose, unlike the 60 minute class in which you only do one set. I should mention that after the first 10 minutes, my heart was pounding like I had been running for a while! I might have built up so much endurance with running and Spinning, but this hot yoga is another story. It almost kicked my butt! When we finally went into final relaxation, the instructor gave everyone a ice cold hand towel that was infused with…lavender…I think. Afterwards, I felt so refreshed…and soooo sweaty! I’ve never sweated so much in one workout before…felt so good! I foresee myself attempting hot yoga at least once a week from now on in between my other workouts! ;)


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