Things I did today…

11 Jan

Felt like sharing my oh-so-exciting life…haha! So I went to the dentist this morning…and waited forever. Once I was finally back there having my teeth cleaned, the dental hygienist told me that the dentist was not there today, so if there were any problems, another appointment should be made. Um, hello, who goes to the dentist and doesn’t even SEE the dentist? What is the purpose? If that makes sense…haha.

Anyways, after that adventure, I went to my OLD gym. The one I used to go to while in high school…it finally joined up with the other gyms (which I’m a member of) in Hampton Roads and so I’m technically a member there again, too. Its a lot smaller than my usual gym, but they do have the same exact cardio machines & equipment so its not bad. I decided to just do cardio today and leave strength training for tomorrow & Thursday probably. The past week has been really good with varying up my workouts…I feel like I’ve done something different almost everyday, which is rare! I usually get stuck in a rut…I remember when I used to run 7 days a week…it wears you down after a while! But I’ve still managed to get in a workout every single day in January thus far…I can’t stand a day without working out!

This afternoon, I finally submitted a law school application! It was one of the miniscule ones that I am applying to simply because the application is free. I have just about everything done on ALL my applications…common info filled out, personal statement done, LSAT scores…and all but ONE transcript. Ugh! This missing transcript has been preventing me from sending out my most important applications, because my file is technically not “complete” without the last transcript. This transcript is from the past semester, Fall 2009, and I mailed the request December 30th. However, with all of the holidays and everything, the college apparently did not process the request until today. I called today and they told me it should be mailed tomorrow. So my fingers are crossed!



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