Little bit of this, little bit of that…

13 Jan

Well I should mention that since my post from last Friday, I’ve been attempting to improve my diet. More along the lines of not skipping meals and eating more protein-rich foods. I’ve made an attempt to have at least three meals a day…that means not skipping lunch…but I still think it may be better to have 5-6 small meals in a day instead of just three larger ones. So I’m definitely working on that! I’ve been reading The G-Free Diet by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and the book really makes a lot of sense. By no means do I have celiac disease, but I think that generally varying your diet and not relying on refined carbohydrates is a much healthier way to live. As I’m getting ready to move into my apartment (Saturday!), I hope to start cooking & eating a cleaner, healthier diet. Oh, I also have been reading the Abs Diet…just to read up on different eating styles. I find my diet already resembling the Abs Diet very much…which is also a healthy way to eat. That’s the good news, I suppose…I eat healthy foods, I just need to stop skipping meals!

Sunday I went shopping with my mom to get some things for my apartment…a new comforter set and a few prints for the walls, shower curtain, and room decor. Afterwards, we went to the Fresh Market. As much of a health-food freak I can be, I’ve never been to the Fresh Market before. Well, the nearest one is 35 minutes from my house so I guess its understandable. Anyways, I walked inside and fell in love! Everything is so fresh, they have every kind of healthy food (including lots of gluten-free foods!), and they even have an extensive deli with soups, meats, fish, and healthy prepared meals. I picked up a few Larabars, which were actually on sale…I’ve heard good things about them and figured I should try them out. We got some organic lemons to add to ice water…I’ve gotten addicted to lemon water lately…at least its good for you! Then, completely going against The G-Free Diet principles, we bought a loaf of ciabatta bread. See, there happened to be a case of fresh mozzarella in the produce section, right by the fresh tomatoes and fresh basil…and I got the brilliant idea to make a mozzarella/tomato/basil sandwich on ciabatta with olive oil vinaigrette. Delish! And its pretty healthy, too. So you win some and you lose some…and since I’m not exactly suffering from celiac disease, I don’t think having bread one day is going to screw up my healthy eating. I think I’m going to seek a more balanced approach…just cutting out the refined carbs and eating healthier carbs like sweet potatoes, beans, potatoes, rice, oats….and maybe try a few new grains that the G-Free Diet recommends.

I had plans to go to the gym today for strength training before Spin class and Abs class…however my little 2 hour at-home workout yesterday has left me extremely sore. Lots of cardio plus a 20-min Arm toning video, 20 min leg-toning video, and a 10-min ab workout…I think I always underestimate how intense you can work out on your own even without being at the gym. So I’m thinking weights may not be a good idea today since my muscles are pretty exhausted…leave the strength training until tomorrow ;) I’m feeling like doing a long run right now…hope my leg doesn’t make it too difficult!


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