Partial Victory…

13 Jan

So I went out for a long run this afternoon…and didn’t expect to make it past 10. That’s usually when my leg starts hurting badly and so that’s where I stop. Today was different (thank goodness!) and I felt really good and really strong the whole time I was running. Around mile 6 I decided to go for 12 miles total. I have declared it a partial victory because while 12 miles is wonderful compared to what my leg has allowed me to run in a while, its still a few miles short of where my training should be. I am sure I will be fine, though…as long as my leg continues to feel better! If I come up a little short in my marathon training, I don’t think it will be terrible. This is coming from the girl who only trained up to 6.5 miles before a half-marathon! Don’t quite know what I was thinking then…but it actually worked out in the end and my time wasn’t so bad either! So I’m back to adding to my long runs for now…let’s hope my leg won’t bother me anymore! :)

One Response to “Partial Victory…”

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