Three Things Thursday!

14 Jan

This is my first “Three Things Thursday” post…trying something new :)

1. I’m thinking that taking Spin class & Abs class and strength training is not such a great thing to do the day after running 12 miles. Oh well, I actually feel less sore now.

2. I really did just inquire about the price of a Cartier engagement ring…I’m just curious about it. Ha ha…I’m still holding out for the Tiffany’s engagement ring my boyfriend promised. I hear he’s already been saving up for it ;)

3. I was just thinking how much fun it would be to run in the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in March. I’m kind of signed up for the Shamrock Marathon in VB on March 22…but this half-marathon would make a really sweet 21st birthday present…it’s my last college Spring Break, I turn 21, I would get to run (which is my favorite thing to do of course!), and be in warm, sunny Florida…sounds pretty awesome. Hint Hint :)



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