Home Sweet Home…Until May…

18 Jan

So I’m finally moved in my townhouse at school…its a lot nicer than I expected! I think it’ll make this semester go by even more quickly! *hopefully* My parents & boyfriend drove up with me yesterday…5 hours of driving, in the rain and fog…and then we unpacked and went shopping for things I needed. That ended up making it a very long day! We did sleep in today, which was really nice. Then we went out for one last lunch together, made a few more shopping trips, bought textbooks which were WAY too expensive(!) and now I’m finally left here to sort through my life…ha ha. I got an email from my French Civilization professor earlier…written entirely in French…and almost had a change of heart about finishing my French minor. I think taking a semester off of French classes is going to backfire terribly this Spring semester…yikes! Well I suppose I’ll make a trip to the gym before I start preparing for the first day of classes tomorrow!

My room…I’m too lazy to make the bed pretty ;)


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