Last First Day…of Undergrad!

19 Jan

Today was my “last first day” of classes at VT…wow, where has the time gone?! I’m pretty adjusted to my living situation even though its only been three days now. My roommates in the townhouse are great, and its so nice to have a kitchen to cook in and more space than just a dorm room! Last night I even cooked dinner…lean turkey burgers (for the whole week) and made a salad with spinach, light cheese, mushrooms, dried cranberries, and a few almonds. I even made a balsamic vinaigrette to put on top! Its nothing fancy, but at least I made an effort rather than buying a salad on campus that has unhealthy ingredients. I hope to cook pretty often :)

I have three classes on Tuesday/Thursday, and I decided to take the bus today rather than drive. Parking is a MAJOR situation on our campus and I didn’t want to be late for my first class! I found that I actually like taking the bus because its simple and it saves time finding a place to park. My first class was French, which I have been majorly stressing over…last semester was the first time I’d gone without a French class in 7 years! Yikes…I think its going to be a challenge, but the professor is really great. My other two classes were Political Science courses, which is my major. So I know I’ll enjoy those :)

Its nice to get out of classes early…I’ll be going to the gym early afternoon on T/TH. Today I’m going to Advanced Pilates and then getting in some really good cardio afterwards. I want to do vary my workouts so I don’t burn out or continue to injure my leg. I’m sitting here with ice on it right now because I might be doing a little running at the gym…hope it doesn’t hurt!



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