Can I Just Say…

20 Jan

I miss ODU sooooo much! I find it so hard to believe that I used to discredit everyone I knew who went to ODU just because its local and it didn’t seem like “real” college…even though it totally is! In fact, I enjoyed my Political Science (my major) classes so much last semester when I was commuting from home to ODU. Now that I’m back at Tech, I’m back into the Political Science classes that I’m used to and not impressed by. I didn’t think I would dislike this college so much, but I truly do. I am semi-depressed I think…ha ha…and I would love to pack my bags and head home. BUT I’m not, because I only have one more semester to go until I graduate and can start fresh in Law School. Speaking of Law School, I found out today that I was accepted at one school…I just applied last week! And they are offering an academic scholarship, too :) Now, this is definitely not my first choice of schools, but it is an option, and I just feel relief to be accepted SOMEWHERE! A little less stress relating to that matter :)

I have been getting in some good workouts, and I hope to do some hot yoga on Saturday at the new studio here…we shall see. At least something makes me happy while I’m waiting for this semester to end!



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