25 Jan

I was able to Force Add into the Personal Training class, so by the time May rolls around, I will be official ;) I just hope I can get a job at a gym this summer! All of my other classes are going well, and I love love love my Foods & Nutrition class! I think that even though I have six classes, I am not going to be too busy. I’ll still have time for my long workouts and what’s even more fun is I get to work out and get college credit! We also get to train clients and create a fitness plan for someone, so that should be interesting!

Tonight was the introduction of Les Mill’s BodyPump to my college…some of the group fitness instructors got certified to teach it this past Fall, and now they will be having regular BodyPump classes on the group exercise schedule! After I ran a fast mile, I went in very optimistic and confident that it would be fairly “easy” for me. HA HA. Was I ever wrong! It was probably one of the hardest workouts I’ve done…and let me tell you, free weights kick your butt in a different way than weight machines do! I feel soooooo…exhausted right now….but in a GOOD way :) I really would like to do that workout once or twice a week…I know I would see results almost immediately! So anyways, that was my night…now I need to make a (really late) dinner and read for classes so I can get some sleep before my PT class in the morning!

A free T-Shirt & a Mini Luna Bar…just for showing up!


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