Laziness is Unheard Of ;)

30 Jan

So I lied about taking a “day off.” Haha I knew that wouldn’t happen! Well, first I laid in bed and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic on Netflix On Demand…it was a really cute movie! But after being lazy all morning, I started to get antsy, as usual! I’m just not good at being lazy…haha…does anyone else have that problem? Most people I know think I’m crazy because I can’t just relax for a whole 24 hours. I personally just feel better and am in a better mood when I feel like I’ve been productive, of sorts. So I ended up working out for 1.5 hours using…I did a Strength and Toning video, then half of a cardio video (I found it was wayyy too easy!) and then a CardioKickboxing video, which I really enjoyed! I then did lots of Abs for the Core Challenge that I’m participating in! So even with all the snow on the ground (we ended up with over a foot…the whole town is shut down!), I got in a good workout! Then I ended up cleaning up, washing clothes, vacuuming, and fun things like that. Last but not least, I cooked dinner! So the first half of my day I let myself be “lazy” and then I got some things done the second half! I think its a good compromise :)

Now I think I’ll read a magazine and watch some of the Miss America pageant. Hope everyone has had a fab Saturday! ;)


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