Snow Day Saturday!

30 Jan

Well it looks like the weathermen were RIGHT for once! We have over a foot of snow on the ground and its still falling…guess I’ll find a way to enjoy it! I wasn’t too excited about being cooped up inside this weekend, but now that the snow is here, its really pretty and I’m actually excited to have a “day off” from everyday life. I honestly NEED a break from working out, and I never give myself one…so today is a mandatory day off from cardio, at least. I do plan to do some strength training/Pilates/Core Challenge workout throughout the day. Hey, what else is there to do? ;)

I do think I’ll watch movies alllll day long while I’m doing whatever it is I find to do…ha ha its so weird to act like I have nothing to do, when in fact I could be doing LOTS of schoolwork! Oh well, I’ll save that for another snow school day!

Obviously, I’m in the mountains, so all of this snow isn’t uncommon…but where I’m actually from is near the Atlantic coast, so we rarely get snow. Wellllll, as of this morning, they have about as much snow at home as we do here in the mountains! How exciting :) I just wish I was there to enjoy it with everyone. So far most of my good friends/family members from home have started out the day drinking (haha I suppose there’s nothing better to do!) and sledding…sounds like a dangerous combination…but I would probably do it too, honestly! :)

I hope everyone who woke up to snow this morning is out enjoying it! And for everyone else, enjoy being able to go out and do things while us others are cooped up at home! ;)

Snow outside the townhouse!


7 Responses to “Snow Day Saturday!”

  1. Erin January 30, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    Enjoy your movie day! :D We have a couple inches here and more falling — I’m perfectly happy to have NO plans, stay home and stay warm.

    • britdanielle7 January 30, 2010 at 12:43 pm #

      Me too! It’s nice to do that every once in a while :) This is probably the first time in a while the whole state of VA & D.C. has seen snow at once!


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