Procrastination At Its Finest…

31 Jan

After being stuck inside all day yesterday because of the blizzard snow storm that was happening outside, I really wanted to get out to the gym for a good workout! I mentioned yesterday that I did workout videos from, but I can only do those but so often without getting bored. So I put on my boots and grabbed my running shoes, and hoped that I wasn’t wasting my time walking to the clubhouse gym! And it was actually OPEN, surprisingly :) I know last week we had a little bit of an ice storm, nothing too serious, but the clubhouse was closed. So needless to say, I figured with over a foot of snow on the ground it would be closed today! Pleasant surprise that it wasn’t :) I decided to just focus on cardio today because I’ve done a lot of strength and toning exercises this past week, and I’m definitely feeling the soreness! I did an hour of intervals on the Elliptical at the highest level…it gets pretty intense! Then I walked for 30 minutes, about 2.5 miles(?) on the treadmill at 10% incline and 4.2 MPH. It was nice to get in a good, sweaty workout…sounds funny, but it really makes you feel better! I was counting on my Hot Yoga class to get in a good sweat, but THAT didn’t happen because of the snowstorm yesterday. Oh well, maybe this upcoming Saturday ;)

I’ve pretty successfully procrastinated today after I got back from the gym…I did some crunches & burpees for the Core Challenge, and folded laundry…and that’s about it! I’ve been reading blogs and looking up some good tofu recipes to plan my grocery list. I seem to have a problem doing schoolwork on the weekend…does anyone else have a procrastination problem?

I think I’ll make myself read a little for classes, catch up on emails, and I’ll definitely be watching The Grammy’s tonight! Hope everyone has had a great Sunday :)



2 Responses to “Procrastination At Its Finest…”

  1. emma February 3, 2010 at 9:01 pm #

    For more of a selection, check out their FREE online mini workouts! They also have a huge selection in their store!!
    Just to go


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    […] It reminds me of the good ol’ days in the ‘Burg, where we got snow every single day it felt like. Except, I like it a whole lot more here than I did there, because HERE the whole place shuts […]

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