A Few Of My Favorite Things ;)

9 Feb

To prevent pure boredom for readers of my blog tonight, I decided I would do a theme post! I really had quite an uneventful day, so there isn’t much to share…haha. Enjoy :)

1. Starbucks – I’m convinced Starbucks just tastes better…not to mention it instantly makes my day better! My favorites are: Skinny Mochas, Christmas Blend coffee, Light Caramel Frappuccinos (with sugar-free caramel!), and Tazo Iced Green Tea. I’m just addicted to anything from Starbucks, in general. So much that I got my boyfriend hooked on it too…which is great, because now he always pays! ;)

2. Coach Bags – I think I also have a slight addiction to these as well…oops. I tend to make up “reasons” to get a new Coach bag. I call them “traditions” now…see, I get one for my birthday, which becomes my Spring handbag…then Summer rolls around and there happens to be a sweet Coach outlet at the beach we vacation at…so that becomes my “Late Summer/Fall” handbag. Its quite a tradition, I must say.

3. My iPod – I’m addicted (sensing a trend here?! Maybe I need materialistic rehab…). I listen to it during my runs, on the elliptical, occasionally when doing weights, in the car, and even at night while I’m laying in bed. I got into this weird habit of listening to music to fall asleep. Not sure how that happened!

4. Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Because who can resist a short and sweet way to get your trashy TV fix?! It seems like people either really LOVE the show or really HATE it. I’m one of the crazies who loves it…but hey, its always entertaining…and usually makes me feel that much better about my intelligence level.

5. Victoria’s Secret – Victoria can do no wrong in my book…its usually the first store I hit up at any shopping center, and I always walk out with a huge shopping bag full of new things. I practically live in VS PINK fold-over yoga pants. They’re comfy and cute and versatile. I refuse to wear anything but VS undies…and I’m not ashamed to admit I have a drawer full plus some still with tags! Now that they have my school in the Collegiate Collection–well, they just found a new way to take my money! ;)

What are your favorite things? Is everyone as materialistic as I am?! ha ha…seems like a continuing theme from yesterday‘s post!



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