Time Flies

15 Feb

I can’t believe we are in the 5th week of classes already…its going by so quickly and graduation is right around the corner! I cannot wait :) I was just thinking about how stressed I am this week…but in less than 3 months it will all be worth it. Bring on the schoolwork and exams. Let’s do this ;)

I officially dropped my French minor today…it was a little sad admittedly, mostly because my French advisor is sooo nice and I know she wished I wasn’t dropping the minor! But that’s one less thing to worry about now, and I can officially graduate in May :) To be honest, I’ve really enjoyed not dealing with the stresses of Advanced French courses…it was so time consuming last year, and its nice to have more time this semester to focus on other things.

Stress, though, is still a part of my life. ha ha. Especially this week–I have three mid-term exams on Thursday. How is it that every single Political Science class I have happens to have exams on the same day?! Go figure…I should probably be studying right now, but One Tree Hill is calling my name ;) Does anyone else have a hard time making yourself sit down and study for hours at a time? Or is it just me…haha…



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