Three Things Thursday

18 Feb

I totally meant to post last night, but I got caught up studying for my THREE exams that I had today and didn’t have time…oops! Speaking of those three exams…wow, can I just say I’ve never been happier that the day is over?!

1. I feel like this week has been full of boring workouts…I’ve been so busy that I haven’t done Spinning or BodyPump or Hot Yoga…I’ve done an hour of cardio every day-elliptical intervals on Monday, 5 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday, 50 minute Strength/Cardio DVD on Wednesday, and hill intervals on the elliptical today. So very plain. That’s why my plans for tomorrow are BodyPump in the afternoon and then hitting it hard for some speed intervals on the treadmill. And hopefully hot yoga on Saturday? We’ll see…

2. Spring Break is officially two weeks away, and I couldn’t be happier. It also means that graduation is right around the corner…scary, but exciting ;)

3. USA Men’s Snowboarding team is full of hotties….mmm…I was totally distracted last night while attempting to study. ha ha. But most of them are really short…which is a problem because I’m tall and can’t stand guys that are shorter than me. That’s a dilemma. Haha…disclaimer: I’m completely in love with my hawt boyfriend, who happens to be quite a bit taller than me, so no worries ;)


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