Is There Such a Thing?!

20 Feb

Its been such a nice Saturday here in the ‘Burg…for once there were no blizzards keeping me stuck inside all weekend! I contemplated going to Hot Yoga this morning, but though better of spending more money and went to the gym for an hour-long Pilates class and 35 min. of cardio intervals on the elliptical. It was a good workout and I didn’t have to shell out any more money to feel the burn ;)

Afterwards, I finally made a trip to Target…aka my favorite place. I love just going and walking around…however, I never walk out empty-handed…haha. I found the last copy of Emily Giffin’s Something Blue on sale and snapped it up. I’ve read two of her other books: Baby Proof and Love The One You’re With, and I loved both of them so much…such relate-able stories, too. I also bought some new mascara…I always always always change up my mascara brands, I think I have makeup ADD…is that such a thing?! Actually, though, I had been using Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume for a pretty long time, which is surprising for me…but I’ve been reading good things about CoverGirl LashBlast and just had to buy some today to see how it is! I’ll make sure I use it tomorrow ;)

So far I’ve had a nice weekend of doing anything but schoolwork, which was my plan anyways. haha. I even sat still long enough to watch The Notebook on ABC Family earlier, and now I’m watching re-runs of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, because let’s face it folks….it never gets old!!! Am I the only person who thinks that show is hilarious?



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