Running Adventure

21 Feb

Wow, today has been GORGEOUS! Perfect 60 degree weather, a little breeze, and lots of sunshine. And the snow is melting…pretty quickly, too! I’ve been looking at the weather forecast all week, and I had my eye on today for a long outdoor run. However, I was talking a 6 or 7 mile “long run.” So I left the townhouse without planning out a running route…I just wanted to enjoy it. I took a few side streets into neighborhoods, and then crossed over and ran on a trail that circles a neighborhood (I think its a 5k trail?). I then proceeded to run around the town and then along the perimeter of my university campus…which is a HUGE campus by the way. I then ran down Main Street through town and back up heading towards my townhouse. Before I knew it, an hour and 40 minutes had passed and I had ran 11 miles! (*9:05 pace). Wow, that was totally unplanned…but the weather was just so perfect and I didn’t get tired or bored, so it kept me going the whole time. Well…I hadn’t planned on it being a training run for my half, but it turned out to be one anyways! :)

Now that I’ve gotten a great workout in, I guess I’ll relax a little and do some studying for a Nutrition exam I have on Wednesday! Ah, its days like today that give me hope…Spring is just around the corner! ;) Happy Sunday!



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