A Look Into The Future

23 Feb

I always find myself looking towards the future…whether it be the next hour, day, month, year, etc. Maybe that’s why I find myself anxious a lot of the time. Sometimes looking into the future can give you things to look forward to…which is pretty much the way I see it. Lately, though, I’m looking past the next three years I have in law school, and I don’t even begin law school until August! I find that I am more than ready to be engaged and start planning a wedding, which I know will happen in a few years….its a subject that comes up quite frequently ;)

Recently, I’ve noticed that I actually might like children and hope to have two or three someday. If you KNOW me, you know that I joke about having kids and I tell my parents all the time that they may as well adopt a child of their own because I’m not the motherly type…ha ha. The boy loves kids, and he also knows how I felt about having them…so I think he was surprised when I told him of my change of heart…ha. But as I was saying…I’m turning into this person who I hardly know (I want kids?!).  I’m okay with it though…and I’m actually finding myself looking forward to it someday soon…well, not too soon.

Aw, well that was just too sappy. Back to my point…I find that a majority of my life is spent looking into the future (haha sounds like a psychic)…but really, I plan everything in advance…workouts, meals, phone calls (haha), errands, etc. I’m such a planner! I think maybe I need to be a little more spontaneous and live in the present…I’ve heard its a lot of fun ;) That’s something I intend to start working on…hey, being spontaneous can’t be such a bad thing, can it?! :)



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