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Gorgeous Day

31 Mar

What a lovely day…its sunny and warm and breezy. Just perfect. And that’s saying a lot considering I’m talking about the ‘Burg…aka my least favorite place! But I’m in a great mood today…which probably has something to do with the fact that I’m going home tomorrow for a long Easter weekend :) I always go home for Easter because my family and the boy’s family always have big Easter lunch/dinners…but instead of leaving Friday, I’m leaving Thursday afternoon because my professor decided to cancel my late class. So glad. I find that as the weeks get busier as we get closer to graduation, I get stressed and just want to LEAVE this place! So having weekends at home every now and then make it a whole lot better :)

I’ve been pretty good about getting things done over the past week and a half…which is good since I’m not as stressed anymore! I have tons of work, but as of right now, its all spaced out just right…thank goodness. I actually made a list of everything I have to do today and even put times beside it….haha. So in a few minutes I’m heading out for a ~7 mile run in this gorgeous weather so I can get back and finish everything else I have to do! I never sacrifice exercise…it always makes me feel sooo much better once I get a good sweat in ;) Does anyone else make exercise a big priority?

So excited to be at home with the fam tomorrow. You’ll find me laying outside tanning all day Friday ;) And Saturday, I’m running the 5k race with the boy and one of our friends…so excited. Apparently, they have been training quite a bit, so I’m sure I’m going to be impressed with their 5k time! I’ve been speed training quite a bit myself…trying to go for a record 5k time. Hey, why not? :)



We all need a little sunshine in our lives ;)

29 Mar

I hope this week continues to go by quickly like it has so far! It wasn’t a bad day considering its a Monday…I actually don’t mind my Mondays, because I don’t have class ’til 11:15 and then I’m done for the day by 2:15…sooo yeah, I can’t complain ;) I turned in my Nutrition project that I worked on for hours and hours over the weekend…its nice to cross things off my “list”…does anyone else feel better when you can visually see how much you’ve gotten done?! I’m such an organized person that I have lists for everything…and I feel so relieved when I can cross things off. OCD? Maybe…ha ha :)

Erin over at Travel Eat Repeat gave me the Sunshine Award today…I LOVE reading her blog and seeing pictures of all of her travels! She’s been in Australia and New Zealand traveling around and taking lots of pictures and doing lots of fun things…totally jealous! ;) Thanks Erin!

The rules:

  • Put the logo on your blog in your post.
  • Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
  • Link the nominees within your post.
  • Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blogs.
  • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award

I read so many blogs and love all of them for different reasons :) But I have to narrow it down to 12, so here goes…

  • Brittany at The Life of a Law School Wife always has interesting things to say regarding law school…and even though she isn’t the law student, her insight with a touch of humor is helpful to me as an incoming law student. Plus we have the same name! ;)
  • Gina at The Fitnessista is always so inspiring with her healthy and balanced approach to fitness & nutrition…plus as I’m a Personal Trainer-in-training(does that even make sense? haha) I learn a lot from her!
  • Sarah at SkinnyRunner combines the two things I love most: running and catching up on celebrity gossip…and as always, her blog posts are hilarious!
  • Reading Amy’s blog Second City Randomness always gives me a good laugh. Her sense of humor is a lot like mine…sarcastic! ha ha
  • Brittney at Running in High Heels is always an inspiration…she has the most positive attitude :)
  • I know Erin already gave this award to Allie at Live Laugh Eat, but I always look forward to reading her blog because she’s totally creative with cooking and baking…and I always get neat ideas from her :)
  • I love reading Grace’s blog girl meets health. because she always has a positive attitude and balanced and healthy approach to life!
  • Sarah at Classy and Fabulous always makes me smile with her posts about shopping and fashion :)
  • I love reading Laura’s blog Absolut(ly) Fit…its so awesome that she’s running marathons in all 50 states. How cool would that be?!
  • Juliana at A Blonde Walks Into A Blog… always has so many great and inspiring things to say on her blog…love reading it :)
  • Tyler at Healthy & Fun always has funny and positive things to say…not to mention we share a mutual love for Trader Joes and Starbucks ;)
  • I love reading Jasmine’s blog Sweet and Fit…she is always so positive and inspiring


Fitness&Nutrition-filled weekend!

28 Mar

Ahhh I think last week was the busiest week I’ve had (in a while, at least). Three term papers (yeah, I wondered how they could be term papers…the semester isn’t over yet!) kept me super busy all last week, which was  not fun. I took Thursday and Friday “off” from doing schoolwork to recuperate for the rest of the semester…still lots of work to do, but its coming together pretty well now.

Yesterday, I helped Relay for Life raise money at a Hot Yoga class at the local yoga studio…and I even had time to take the class too :) I LOVE Hot Yoga, which I’m sure you already knew if you read my blog…ha ha. I think we raised a pretty good amount for Relay, and there were LOTS of people that had never done Hot Yoga before, so maybe the studio will have lots of new yogis now ;) When I got back to the townhouse, I knew that I had a hot date with my Nutrition project…yes. I started compiling it and doing calculations around 6pm, and I didn’t finish working on it until almost 11pm! But the important thing is, its done, and now I can focus on other work I need to get done!

I actually feel productive this weekend…I took an online quiz this morning, and after a long run, I have to go to a Personal Training practice sesh (we have to go to 3 events/practices to get credit for class). So all in all, this weekend has been FULL of fitness and nutrition…and I love it. Maybe I should rethink my career path…haha. Fitness>lawyer-ing. However, the $$$ is probably a LOT less! And with my shopping obsession, maybe I should stick with going to law school and (hopefully) making big bucks……


A good kind of pain

26 Mar

Oh the irony…how is pain ever good? Well the kind of pain that is muscle soreness never seems to be a bad thing! Let’s see:

Sunday–Half Marathon

Monday–rest day + yoga to stretch after the Half

Tuesday–6 mile interval run

Wednesday–5 mile hill run outside…in perfect weather :)

Thursday–impromptu Bootcamp workout in Personal Training class + one hour elliptical intervals…serious workout day

Friday–BodyPump + super-speedy 5k + fitness assessment project work (aka death–wayyy too many pushups/situps)

…all of that has left me incredibly sore tonight. In a good way of course :)

I’ve had a great workout week even after running a half marathon on Sunday. It’s amazing how being so active makes recovery time so quick! Going out for a 13.1 mile run is just a workout for the books nowadays…so maybe I should look into a new challenge…a marathon? I think so ;) I am registered for the NYC Marathon lottery…and I think April 7th is the announcement day. We shall see! If I don’t get to run NYC, I’m eyeing the OBX Marathon…close to my home, plus its my favorite, favorite place in the entire world. I practically grew up there…so it would be a super-fun marathon :) Both of these are in November…which means I would be doing my longest runs during the first two months of law school…scary! I know I’m going to be busy with school…but I never sacrifice a good workout…and I never will. Law school is not going to change that…haha. I’m pretty stubborn ;)

I know there’s sooo much I need to be doing right now but quite honestly I’m being lazy and enjoying it…haha. I’ve had an extremely busy week and the rest of my time in college is going to be busybusybusy, so I’m laying low tonight. Graduation in 48 days! ;)


Three Things Thursday

25 Mar

1. This week has been. so. busy. You better believe I took tonight to relax and rest up for the busy weekend-week-month ahead…haha. Its pretty much never-ending until graduation…May 15th here I come ;)

2. That said…I’m still making the brilliant decision to go home Easter weekend. I have ALWAYS gone home Easter weekend since I’ve been away at college, so I figure why break that tradition? ;) Plus I’m running a 5k with the boy & one of our good friends that my boyfriend converted into a runner/regular gym-goer. Yes, MY boyfriend did that…the one who complains about running but is doing this 5k for the 2nd year in a row! Ha ha…before he knows it, I’ll having him running marathons ;)

3. One of my best friends has been studying abroad in France this entire school year! Yes, I’ve been totally jealous!!! But she is backpacking Europe/Asia this summer and I would LOVE to tag along…but somehow I would have to come up with $$$ that I don’t have. If anyone has any brilliant ideas that make money (yes anything…I’m pretty desperate…ha ha KIDDING!) do share…


Newfound Optimism

23 Mar

I think my long weekend at home really helped me de-stress! I was sooo overwhelmed last Thursday when I decided to skip classes and drive home earlier than planned. It turns out that I didn’t really miss anything in class and I got almost 8 pages written on one of my papers over the weekend…in addition to: laying out and getting a tan 2 days in a row, spending time with the fam & the boy, and running a wonderful half marathon on Sunday, my best yet! ;) I have felt sooo great ever since the half…not sore or anything. I did yoga yesterday just to stretch, and today I ran 6 miles of intervals! I’m feeling so good…looks like a great time to start marathon training! ha ha

I drove back to school Monday morning and made it back just in time to make a stop at Starbucks (caffeine was necessary), find a place to park, and walk to class. After running a few errands, I finally made it back to the house and unpacked (I always bring WAY too much stuff!), and wrote a paper that was due today…yeah, nothing like waiting ’til the last minute! I still have to finish the paper I worked on at home…I need about 2 more pages…and then write another paper. Both are due Thursday. Yikes. Did I mention I have an exam tomorrow? Yeah, I should probably go study… ;)

I’ll leave you with a picture of an adorable gift I got in the mail today…Kirby over at GoodGals, Inc sent me a “Red” themed gift basket…because I won her Bachelor-themed contest! I correctly guessed the number of times that the word Jake would be said on the finale…don’t ask me HOW I managed to do that, but I did! Thanks, Kirby…I love the gift basket…so cute!

Sorry the crappy phone picture doesn’t do it any justice…haha


Tears of Happiness

21 Mar

I just got home from running the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA…and I have never been happier. I set out with a goal: to finish in less than 2 hours…and I finished in 1:55! I wasn’t sure I could keep my pace up for the whole race, but I kept my pace below a nine-minute mile the entire race. I trained hard for this race and I’m so proud that I accomplished my goal! Last year at this very same event, I was running my very first half marathon after dealing with an IT band problem for the 3 months before the race and only having trained up to a 7-mile run. Last year, my finish time was 2:09, which I was still very proud of, especially since I was injured and hadn’t trained properly. But PR’ing by 14 minutes today had me in tears while running towards the finish line…it was an amazing feeling, and I think this is a runner’s high that is going to last a few days ;)