Too many “wants”

3 Mar

Lately I’ve found myself wanting a lot of things…material things. I see a purse I want and I just feel like I HAVE to have it. I see a cute ski jacket that I want…and I “need” a new one. I want to go on a cruise this year…the one in 2007 was far too long ago. I want to go somewhere warm and tropical for Spring Break…because I haven’t been on a “real” Spring Break trip since I’ve been in college…and I’m graduating in May. I want some cute shoes I saw online the other day…because you can never have enough shoes! I want a new(er) car…because I will be driving long distances between home & law school mostly likely for the next 3 years. Plus the 5 hours that I currently drive home from college right now. I want some new clothes for Spring and Summer…because, like shoes, you can never have enough clothes. And I think part of my “wanting” new things is because my birthday is in 10 days, its Spring Break and I’m jealous of friends who are going on awesome trips, and because I graduate in May and want an awesome graduation present (like the cruise I got for high school graduation!). But I feel like none most of this is going to happen, because, in 5 months I’ll start accumulating the $100,000 debt that we like to call law school. I know its going to pay off in the end, and there will come a day when I’ll be able to splurge from time to time as a reward for my hard work. I need to look at the big picture…being a lawyer is a prestigious thing, or at least it was when I was younger! So I’m going to be positive and think about how successful I’ll be one day…hopefully in the near future! ;) Does anyone else find themselves lusting over a lot of material things from time to time???


One Response to “Too many “wants””

  1. Erin March 4, 2010 at 9:10 pm #

    We all have wants and desires but it’s good that you can tell the difference between “want” and “need” — too many people don’t. Right now, I just want a Diet Coke haha because I’m sweating — simple desires. :D

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