Clouds, Wind, and Skunks, oh my…

5 Mar

Haha yes I encountered every single one of those things while on my run today! After a glorious 5-hour drive in the bright sunshine and listening to music…fun(!), I finally made it HOME :) Its sooo nice to be home…my little Chloe greeted me at the door! I decided that I was going to RUN outside since the weather was so pretty…50 degrees and sunny. So I got ready to run, and when I walked out the door…it got cloudy :( So I had shorts on and let’s just say it was…FREEZING! I was planning on a 5-6 mile run, but I felt really good so I ended up doing 8! Halfway through, I was running on the side of the road (at home, I run on backroads!) and I saw something black out of the corner of my eye…yeah, you know where this is going. Without really looking, I assumed it was roadkill…then I saw it MOVE. It was a LIVE skunk!!! I barely even thought about what to do before I hauled ASS…haha, no seriously. I have never encountered a skunk before…I don’t know if they chase or bite…but I do know that they spray a hideous odor if you get near them. So needless to say, I got away from it ASAP. That was an adventure. Actually, I rarely encounter any animals even though I’m practically running on backroads in the woods, basically. I do see the occasional deer (which I am terrified of?!) and hear a rustle in the woods, and I tend to run faster, but never have I seen a skunk or fox or raccoon, thank goodness! I have seen a snake before, which definitely made me sprint…but this is coming from the girl who found a snake in our NEW HOUSE a few summers ago. Yikes.

So I guess today has already been quite an adventure at home, and the rest Spring Break will only be more exciting! My parents just got home from work, so we’re going to cook dinner and then the boy is finally going to come over…3 weeks away from him is far too long!!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday! ;)


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