Busy Spring Break

10 Mar

Its been a busy week so far…what happened to Spring Break?! Oh well, I won’t complain…at least I’ve been doing things other than school! Monday afternoon I decided to do a run/bike workout…just to change it up a little bit ;) I ran 7 miles and then biked 5 miles…I planned to do more biking but it was getting dark really quickly! I cooked dinner for the fam…made an awesome Mediterranean pizza with Feta, mushrooms, spinach, fresh tomato, and olives. Plus tzatziki and pita on the side. It was so good…Greek food is just awesome. Tuesday, I had a busy, busy day. Woke up at 8am and went to the gym for Spin class and weights…I’m still sore…ahh. I finally made it to the chiropractor for an adjustment…I highly recommend them, especially if you’re a runner! Then I got my hair cut….I got about 4 inches cut off and added layers…its nice to have a change :) Even though my hair is still pretty long…haha. Afterwards, my boyfriend took me shopping for my birthday! No one knows what to buy me, so they just take me shopping. Ha, I won’t complain too much ;) We went to the outlets, because I really just wanted running apparel. I’m pretty simple. ha ha (not really). I got a racerback tank from UnderArmour and workout capris and running capris from Adidas. You can never have enough workout clothes! Then he took me to Panera (aka Heaven), Trader Joes (which is a close 2nd to Heaven), and Starbucks, which I think everyone knows I’m addicted to…ha ha :)

Oh yeah, and I accepted a job to lifeguard again, for another summer. After I said I wasn’t going to do it again. Its just so…enticing. I literally sit by a pool that’s empty 65% of the time and get to tan and read trashy gossip magazines…and get paid. Yeah….I should definitely look into a serious job. On that note, I’m about to head out the door to beg for a job at a law firm in town. Maybe I can convince them to hire me…haha!


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