13 Mar

Today is the day…I’m finally legal ;) I can’t believe I’m 21…I feel like I’m getting old sooo quickly. Now that I’m 21, time can sllllllowwww down…haha!

The trip to Charlotte was great! Thursday afternoon, we went to Southpark Mall…which was fabulous. I wish I lived near there…well, that’s probably NOT a good thing ;) After spending $$$ in Sephora and buying some cute Steve Madden high-heeled sandals on sale @70% off(!), we called it a day. I went back to the hotel and worked out in their really nice gym, then got in the hot tub to relax my muscles. So nice. The next morning, I woke up and went downstairs to get in a short, fast run and then we got ready and left the hotel. After making a trip to World Market (my dad works for the corporate side, so he feels the need to visit every store we come across! haha), we went to Panera (my FAVE)! This is a record: Panera twice in one week! :) After that, we made our way to the law school for an Admitted Students tour. It was gorgeous and had great views of downtown Charlotte. Its practically new and so its really technologically modern. I am still not sure exactly where I’m going to end up choosing to go to law school, but Charlotte is definitely a viable option :)

The weather was pretty gross on the drive home…misty rain + bright lights + darkness = difficulty seeing the road! We finally made it home around 10pm and all of us promptly passed out for the night! A part of me wanted to go out for a midnight “legal” drink, just for the sake of being carded….haha. But sleep is much more important, especially since I’ve been lacking it over Spring Break! Tonight, my fam, the boy, and I are all going to the Melting Pot and I’ll be doing a little bar-hopping to find my long sought-after perfect mojito ;) And there’s a bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator to break open when we get home…looks like I might be a little tipsy before this night is over. I’m trying to NOT drink much, because I have to drive back to school tomorrow and don’t want to feel bad! Oh well, I’m not going to focus on…for now, I’m going to celebrate! ;)



3 Responses to “TWENTY ONE!”

  1. Kristi March 14, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

    how do I follow you on this thing? ehhhh

    • britdanielle7 March 15, 2010 at 7:18 am #

      I don’t know! haha I use Google Reader to keep up with everyone…but I don’t know if that means I’m “following” you?


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