Three Things Thursday

25 Mar

1. This week has been. so. busy. You better believe I took tonight to relax and rest up for the busy weekend-week-month ahead…haha. Its pretty much never-ending until graduation…May 15th here I come ;)

2. That said…I’m still making the brilliant decision to go home Easter weekend. I have ALWAYS gone home Easter weekend since I’ve been away at college, so I figure why break that tradition? ;) Plus I’m running a 5k with the boy & one of our good friends that my boyfriend converted into a runner/regular gym-goer. Yes, MY boyfriend did that…the one who complains about running but is doing this 5k for the 2nd year in a row! Ha ha…before he knows it, I’ll having him running marathons ;)

3. One of my best friends has been studying abroad in France this entire school year! Yes, I’ve been totally jealous!!! But she is backpacking Europe/Asia this summer and I would LOVE to tag along…but somehow I would have to come up with $$$ that I don’t have. If anyone has any brilliant ideas that make money (yes anything…I’m pretty desperate…ha ha KIDDING!) do share…


2 Responses to “Three Things Thursday”

  1. Erin March 26, 2010 at 1:57 am #

    I’m full of tips about how to see Europe on a budget and Asia is even easier if you’re talking about SE Asia, where everything is really cheap. Happy to share any info with you. :D

    Do you write? I can refer you to a couple of websites I freelance with that are always looking for writers and can make you a few bucks.

    • britdanielle7 March 26, 2010 at 8:24 pm #

      I do like to write…not sure how well I’d do with freelancing but I have always excelled at writing! And if you have any good tips for budget traveling feel free to share! You can email me at if you would prefer…Thanks so much :)

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