Three Things Thursday

8 Apr

1. Tomorrow is Relay for Life here at my university (we’re still defending our rank of #1 collegiate Relay in the nation!)…I’m so pumped! Its the second year I’ve been involved in the planning and actual carrying-out of the event and its always a great time. My family will be getting here early tomorrow afternoon to set up our team’s campsite. I’m so grateful that my Aunt is going to be here in the midst of Relay and see what its all about…she was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and has gotten better but is not completely cancer-free yet. Ever since I started participating in Relay for Life, it was always in honor of my Aunt, and I know tomorrow is going to be an amazing day :)

2. I’m still so excited about running NYC! I LOVE the City and I know that running 26.2 through NYC is going to be amazing…it’ll be a great experience and I am counting down the days ;)

3. Speaking of counting down the days, my last day of classes is in 26 days…and graduation is in 36 days! So excited :)


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