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17 Aug

Welllll I’m finally in the middle of law school orientation and let’s just say its a little overwhelming! But exciting nonetheless! I can hardly believe that summer is pretty much over and school is back in session…crazy how time flies.

We had a little family get together this past weekend and went out on the boat Sunday…it was pretty much my last day of summer and it was wonderfullll (: I am still not ready to be back in school mode but I’m ready to get started in law school–after all I’ve been waiting for this forever! I can’t believe that I’ve always known I wanted to go to law school and that I am finally at this point…exciting!


Sweet Summertime

11 Aug

I fail at blogging during the summer, apparently. Haha. I actually have kept pretty busy the entire summer though, which I love…I always have the desire to be productive and keep moving! I’ve been working up a storm…lifeguarding most days of the week during this summer of 100-degree temps(!) and teaching Spinning at the gym a few times a week. Last week, my family was *finally* on vacation at the beach for the week. It. was. so. nice. We all did what we do best at the beach: relax, sit on the beach, drink, and take lots of bike rides (and take advantage of the gorgeous surroundings and run a lot, in my case!). Nights In Rodanthe house, anyone?

We had a great week at the beach…I’m really bummed that its back to reality this week! And law school orientation starts next Monday! Crazy how quickly this summer has gone by…maybe law school will go by quickly too?! haha

I think I’m going to join the ranks of society this week—I’m finally going to get a CrackBerry! ;) I think it’ll be really nice to be able to check my email at any time, especially since I seem to always use email constantly throughout the day. It’s nice to have internet access from your phone too…I’m clearly behind the times with my plain ol’ cell phone that is capable of…texting and taking photos, and not much else. haha. I’m thinking of this one:

Hopefully I’ll be technologically up-to-date by the end of this week! ;)