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Confessions of a Shopaholic

20 Oct

Okay, I admit it. I LOVE to shop. Like if I’m in a terrible mood, all I have to do is swipe that plastic card and its like instant gratification. Do I have a problem? Maybe. But I think we all (and by all, I mean 99.9% women and 0.01% men) get that great feeling after we spend $$$. Now, a few HOURS after the purchase(s) we made, we may begin to regret how much money we spent. I know I do that a lot. haha. But then I try on my new clothes, wear my new shoes, or carry my new purse…and all is better again. I know, I know…in my last post I just talked about how labels and status symbols aren’t important. But most of us desire to have pretty things, and typically those “pretty things” cost a pretty penny. That’s where designer sales come in. I am quite addicted to my main main, Marc Jacobs, as well as my (2nd) main man Michael Kors…and plenty more great designers. You get the picture…haha :) So I’ve gotten hooked on a few websites that have huge designer clothing sales (among other sales…on vacations and furniture and bedding…the list goes on). I am sure a lot of you have already heard of these lovely sites and are already members, but in case you’re not I though I would share my invites with all of you…because you have to be “invited” in order to get in on the sales!

Here ya go!


Beyond The Rack


Gilt Groupe

I’ve found some seriously great deals on designer clothing on these sites and I check them pretty religiously in order to see all the newest sales! Does anyone know of any other good websites like these that have good deals?!  If you tell me, I can totally keep it a secret! ;) Happy Shopping!



Green with Envy?

18 Oct

I love my life…everything about it. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful family who would do anything for me. I have a warm, safe, comfortable home to live in (free of charge I might add…perks of living at home with the ‘rents while I’m in law school!). I have a vehicle to drive, a part time job as a fitness instructor (a life goal of mine, actually), and I am grateful to be in law school. I have nice things (okay, I’ll admit…I’m a shopaholic), and I get to do lots of fun things with family and friends most of the time…when I’m not doing law school work. Ha ha.

So why do I always look for something more? Why do I always see what someone else has and think, hmm, I really wish that were me? I think that envious feeling is an innate human quality (or maybe that isn’t the right word…?) but I think we all experience it. I find myself sometimes wishing I was driving that new BMW or buying an entire wardrobe of Michael Kors and  Marc Jacobs clothing (they’re my DREAM TEAM). I dislike that feeling so much, because sometimes it makes me feel like I’ll never get there, to that level. Of wealth. Of success. Of happiness. But wait…did I basically just say that money and labels equal happiness??? Unfortunately, I’ve found myself thinking that from time to time. Its pretty sad that I catch myself thinking that status equals happiness. I’ve been working on changing that view…by reminding myself of all the things that really make me happy. A weekend road trip with my family, walking on the beach at night, running outside on a cool day, relaxing on the couch with my boyfriend after a long day, going out with friends, photography, unwinding with yoga…the list goes on. Yes, some of those things do cost money, but the benefits of being a part of all of those things far outweighs the costs that are incurred to do them. I’m getting older, but I still have a lot to learn. I’d like to think that I look at life from a fairly mature standpoint nowadays…I know that when I was 17, 18, even 19, I had a difficult time seeing that there are greater things in life than mere status symbols like money and labels.

That was pretty deep, I know…haha. I have just been doing my best to always look at the joy in the small things in life, because they tend to mean the most. I’m still learning to appreciate a lot of those things, but one thing I do know is that the loving and caring nature of my family and friends is what makes my world spin around, and money can’t buy that :)