Shop Til I Drop

27 Nov

I’ve become quite the shopper lately. I LOVE shopping, and I used to shop pretty much every weekend when I was in high school…however, I also bought cheaper clothes back then! Lately, though, I’ve found myself shopping more frequently than I have in a while…and buying expensive, name-brand items. On sale, of course. I keep thinking about how I would love to work in the fashion industry…even though I’m in law school and will obviously end up with a more structured and probably less exciting job…haha. At least it will probably pay better…which is good, considering my shopping habits! ;)

Even though I’ve been spending (way too much) money, I’ve managed to find some great deals:

Rock and Republic Berlin Skinny Jeans from…originally $228, I paid $86. Unfortunately, the sale isn’t quite as good as it was when I bought them…I think they’re currently $115.

Walter by Walter Baker Sequin Top in Gunmetal…originally $228, I paid $39 (total, including shipping) from I check a list of designer sale websites daily, and I had been looking for a racerback sequin tank for a while, so I was glad I found this one. It ended up being cheaper than similar tops in NY&Co. and Express…and (hopefully) is better quality!

And the best for last: I FINALLY got my Garmin Forerunner 405! I found it on for $194…which I think is a steal, considering the suggested retail price of over $300. I’ve been wanting a 405 for a while now (since I’ve been relying on Nike+ for WAY too long!), and I decided to go ahead and buy instead of waiting for Christmas in case it wasn’t on sale then.

So I spent quite a bit of money in the past week…but if nothing else, at least I found some great deals on things that I have been on the lookout for! Has anyone else found any great deals lately? Any Black Friday deals?!


4 Responses to “Shop Til I Drop”

  1. Kristi November 27, 2010 at 2:52 pm #

    Haha… my deals consist of items lower than $10.00
    Anything above is considered “too much” although still purchasable, I consider it less particularly over $20.00.
    Although still expensive items you’ve purchased, I am quite impressed with the amount you did save if you had have purchased them full price. I think I may have shaken you and either postmarked a return package or driven you back to the store myself! ;)

    Can I still raid your closet? And thank you again for my birthday present!!! I can’t wait to use it, and trust me, you will be notified every time I do :) lol

    • britdanielle7 November 27, 2010 at 3:12 pm #

      Haha trust me–when I was buying these things/writing this post, I was thinking “Kristi wouldn’t approve!” … But at least I caught a sale! :) I seriously wouldn’t buy any of those things at full price…a little bit too pricey, especially when you CAN find them on sale! And yes you can raid my closet…I need to go through again and organize everything so you can find things!

      • Kristi November 27, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

        :) Wheww.. that’s good to know! And you know me too well. As I was reading I kept thinking the same thing. lol. And it’s good you look for the sales at least! And just let me know when you do, or if you need help. I don’t mind. :)


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