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Deals of the Day

29 Dec

Finally made it out of the snow(!) and to the store for a little shopping today. Did some damage at Ulta…didn’t even know we had one around here! Usually I always go to Sephora…which is still my favorite. I liked Ulta, but Sephora has my heart ;) Anyways, the most important finds are the kitchen finds. Obviously! Especially when you find this really cute mojito glass that tells you exactly how to make the perfect Mojito:

From World Market


Or this adorable bowl…you really can’t beat 89ยข!

Also from World Market

And Starbucks was having an awesome sale on their Christmas merchandise as well…not sure this mug is Christmas, but it was a serious deal for $3.99!

If you have a World Market nearby…its totally worth the trip! All of their Christmas merchandise is 50-75% off. *Shameless plug, since my dad works for World Market’s corporate division* haha :)



Snowww :)

26 Dec

Well as it turns out, we got our “White Christmas” after all. And it continued all day today…we have around 13″ of snow in our yard! For this area, that is a LOT. And I can only remember probably one other snowfall this big since I’ve been alive…so that means it probably won’t happen again anytime soon! haha

So much snow!

Chloe was a little too small for all the snow ;)


Christmas lights + Snow…so pretty :)


25. Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve had an enjoyable day with family and friends. And I think a lot of us are seeing “White Christmases”…that hasn’t happened in a very long time here, so its a welcome surprise :)



24. Merry Christmas Eve

24 Dec

Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully at this point, everyone has gotten the shopping done, the presents wrapped, and all of the cookies baked :) If not…well there’s still around 7 hours to get it all done before Santa arrives! But really, always remember why we truly celebrate this wonderful holiday! Hopefully you’re spending time with family and friends, feeling blessed and enjoying each others company!

Tonight I’ll be making one of these,












While I’m watching this,












And enjoying this!












Have a great Christmas Eve!


23. Holiday Cocktails

23 Dec

Yep. And I was one of them. Nothing like waiting ’til the last minute, huh? ;) It seems like there’s always something else to buy. And let’s see: I went to 2 Walmarts and a Food Lion today. Was it necessary to make three trips to grocery stores? Of course not, but who is organized enough to get everything in one trip? Don’t answer that….

Hopefully everyone is enjoying Christmas Eve eve…go out and have a drink to take off that edge you’ve been feeling all week leading up to Christmas. That’s my plan! ;)






Here’s a website with plenty of Christmas-themed drink recipes in case you need a little stress reliever:



22. “Dream” Christmas Wish List

22 Dec

There’s always something extravagant that you want for Christmas, right? Something you know you’ll probably never get…unless you win the lottery, marry a rich person, or have a trust fund. In which case, you’re just lucky. You also might be able to have this kind of $$$ if you have a good job…maybe. Haha. But anyways, what would you put on your Christmas list if money weren’t an issue? I can think of a few things I’d put on mine…

1. Range Rover – Dream SUV. I’ll settle for a BMW though.










2. Two weeks…or longer…in Tahiti/Bora Bora. At the Four Seasons Resort.









3. A closet full of Christian Louboutins…enough said ;)












4. Marc Jacobs bags…and lots of them. I’ll take Chanel too…or Louis Vuitton. I’m not picky ;)











5. A ski trip…Telluride, Aspen, Park City…again, I’m not picky. haha.










What’s on your “dream” Christmas list?




21. Last Minute Gift Ideas

21 Dec

Am I the only person NOT done with Christmas shopping? Probably not…haha. But still, there are really 4 days (including today!) to get those last minute gifts done and wrapped before Christmas morning. Which means that I should probably not be sitting on the computer, but instead out braving the crowds…oops! ;) Here are some last-minute ideas for gifts:

1. A Bottle of Wine – This is good for almost anyone: a wine connoisseur, your neighbors, friends who are throwing a Christmas party, family, etc. Most people like wine and will appreciate the gesture!









2. A Gift Card – I know, I know…gift cards get a bad rap for being “impersonal”…but sometimes they’re the perfect gift for someone who (1) has everything, (2) you aren’t sure what to buy them, (3) they really like a particular place (i.e. restaurant, store, coffee shop, resort, spa, etc.).






3. A Gift Basket – Either buy them already made, or make your own and fill with the person’s favorite items. Bath & Body Works makes baskets, as do places like Harry & David. If you make your own, think about what the person likes: Are they a foodie? Try wines, cheeses, crackers, candies, etc. Do they like to be pampered? Wine (you can never go wrong with wine, clearly…haha), chocolate, candles, bubble bath, luxurious lotions, bath salts, etc. There are so many options…the ideas are almost endless. These are especially nice and thoughtful gifts if you really know the person’s interests!