2. Gifts for Runners

2 Dec

What kind of gifts are suitable for the runner in your life? Well, there are a LOT of interesting gadgets that runners will like. I should know…I’m a runner, and usually my Christmas list is filled with items that I can use for running. Many of these items are things that I’ve read reviews of on other blogs, and everything I’ve used has been an excellent investment! Here ya go:

iFitness Lycra Mini Sport Belt $19.95

I LOVE my iFitness belt (I have it in Hot Pink) because it really does stretch to hold a phone, gels, iPod, etc. It also stays in place really well while running. I got mine last Christmas and have loved it ever since!

Garmin Forerunner 405 (Right now it is $196 on Walmart.com)

This is one that I actually read about MANY times on others’ blogs. There are several types of Garmin Forerunners that are a range of prices, but this particular one is not as “clunky” and it just looks more aesthetically pleasing, if you will. I actually bought mine on Amazon.com recently for $182; however, the last time I checked it had gone back up to $229. I would recommend shopping around before you buy this, because you can definitely find a good deal!

Tavo Gloves for iPod & iPhone $29.95

These were on my Christmas list last year as well. In the middle of winter, its too cold to run without gloves, but if you’re using an iPod, it is impossible to get the sensor in the wheel or screen of an iPod to work with regular gloves. Before receiving these Tavo gloves, I had been taking cheap $2 gloves from Walmart and cutting off the tip of a glove finger in order to operate my iPod while running. These are a lifesaver, and they’re EXTREMELY warm! They’re also relatively difficult to find online, but I’ve linked to a site that has one size of them.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit $29

This was my primary method of measuring my mileage, time, and pace before I bought the Garmin. Many people say that it is not as accurate as a Garmin; however, I ran a half-marathon using Nike + to keep tabs on my pace, and I finished in the exact amount of time that I estimated. So, bottom line, it was accurate to the minute for me…maybe not down to the very second, but within the minute is pretty good for something that costs only $30! If you don’t have Nike running shoes that are “Nike + compatible”, you can always buy a clip to put the sensor on any running shoe!

JVC Gumy Headphone for iPod/MP3 $10 at Walmart

I don’t know about you, but it seems like the headphones I got with my iPod DON’T last very long! As a runner, replacing headphones can become quite frequent, especially since they tend to get wet from sweat and running in the rain! Instead of going back to the Apple Store and spending $20ish on new headphones, I go to Walmart or Target and buy cheaper ones like these JVC ones. I like these because you can match them to the color of your iPod! I love my purple iPod & matching purple headphones :) This makes an excellent stocking stuffer that any runner (who uses an MP3 player) will appreciate!

A few other suggestions for stocking stuffers:

1. Jelly Belly Sport Beans – Good for those who do “longer” runs and need electrolytes/carbs during their run!

2. Clif Shots/Blocks – Similar to the Sport Beans, it provides carbs/electrolytes during a run

3. Running socks are always a good option, too. Try Underarmour or Nike…I’ve always had good luck with both brands!




2 Responses to “2. Gifts for Runners”

  1. Carly in Wonderland December 2, 2010 at 11:03 pm #

    wow these are great!!! I love the gloves!

    • britdanielle7 December 4, 2010 at 1:25 pm #

      Thanks! The gloves are REALLY nice…I definitely recommend them :)

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