17. Gifts for Men

17 Dec

1. A nice quality watch is always a good gift…a watch is just an essential, and a classic-looking watch goes with almost any outfit!






Michael Kors Round Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch, $180.00


2. A magazine subscription…based on his interests. If he likes golf, subscribe to Golf Digest. If he likes current events and business, try Newsweek. If he just likes sports in general, try ESPN The Magazine.







3. Video Games…apparently all men have an inner child. Enough said.







L to R: Madden 11, $38; Call of Duty, $50; XBOX Kinect, $149 (Let’s face it, the Kinect might be more interesting to you than your guy. Even better reason to buy it…a little gift for yourself! ha


Shopping for men can be really easy, or really difficult. There are so many things you CAN buy for men, like clothing, shoes, accessories, and colognes because most men don’t mind other people doing their shopping for them! However, getting jeans and socks year after year can get old…quickly. So even if you plan to buy clothing for the guy (because SOMEbody has help him stay in style…ha ha), throw in a “fun” gift as well. And hopefully he will reciprocate the idea and give you a “fun” gift too. You can always hope ;)


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