20. Get Into The Christmas Spirit

20 Dec

Well, with only 5 days until Christmas morning, hopefully we’re all in the “Christmas Spirit” already. But if you’re not, don’t fret…sometimes its difficult if you’re still working or in school this week. Being busy seriously throws a crimp into the excitement of Christmas, but it doesn’t have to! How about trying one of these things each day leading up to Christmas Day:

1. Make a Gingerbread House – This is a simple way to get excited for the upcoming holiday. If you want to make it more fun, why not have a decorating competition where you make gingerbread houses as an individual or as a team, and then have someone judge them?












2. Watch a Christmas movie every night leading up to Christmas Day – This is never a bad idea…hey, I started watching Christmas movies back in November! :)












3. Bake Cookies – Cut out sugar cookie dough with cookie cutters, bake, and then frost and decorate them…this tradition has been in my family forever!










4. Ride Around to Look at Christmas Lights – This is usually a lot of fun…its always neat to see the creative ways that people decorate for Christmas. Some houses even do lights coordinated with music!



5. Christmas Exhibits/Events – Busch Gardens now does “ChristmasTown“, there are all kinds of Christmas decoration exhibits at museums and such, live nativity scenes, Christmas concerts etc…the list goes on :)









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