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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

16 Jan

Well, as I mentioned several times, I’ve been hoping to go abroad for the Summer. I’ve been spending way too much time (time that should probably be spent reading for classes…ha) reading travel websites and figuring out where I should visit, where to stay, what to see…etc. While looking at all of these potential ideas, I came up with another idea. Why not have an Internship abroad?! How exciting would that be???


So I started doing more research…and found a whole list of organizations that work to help you actually get an internship in the country of your choice. My choice? London. Its such a gorgeous place. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and walk past beautiful parks and Buckingham Palace? And the culture…oh, don’t get me started on that. Its such a culturally rich place, and the depth of the history is just extraordinary. Plus, London is pretty centrally located for me to be able to travel when I have time. Chunnel to France? NBD. Cheap flight to Italy? Sure. Oh yeah–and my family emigrated from the UK. Many many many years ago. But that’s beside the point ;)

So, how do I feel about working abroad? Really excited, actually. It can almost seem like a burden to go overseas and then work, but honestly, it would be so neat to experience a job in a foreign country. Plus, I may be able to work in Parliament or for a Trial Attorney, which would be so interesting in itself. So, here I am, faced with a final decision…should I take the plunge and intern abroad this summer?!