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A little too much

19 Mar

So in the midst of a crazy busy three weeks, one of my roommates convinced me to go out for St. Patty’s Day. Part of me reallllly wanted to (just turned 21…first AND last St. Patty’s Day in college…yeah) but part of me knew I should stay in and get some work done. Ha ha…let’s just say, you only live once—I went out ;) I honestly haven’t been much of a partier since freshman year of college…and I don’t really miss it. But I wanted to have this experience…plus I really wanted to finally go bar-hopping since I didn’t on my birthday! We got an early-ish start around 8:30 and 4 of us split a pitcher of Guinness…yikes, not my favorite. Then a friend bought us a round of Lemon Drops for my 21st…they were pretty good actually. We ended up at another bar doing Irish Car Bombs…pretty good but you have to chug it or it curdles because of the Bailey’s! After dropping off a friend at another bar (we didn’t drink anything there), we went back to bar #2 and I was forced to take a tequila shot…which I actually like tequila, so NBD…haha. I should mention that I had yet to buy my own drink…perks of being a birthday girl ;) I probably should’ve stopped at that point (it was only like 10pm…haha) but nooo. Next up, a Blue Moon…one of my favorites actually. And followed that with a Coors Light. Then moved on to bar #3, and I was ready to go home at that point! We get our hands stamped and go upstairs and meet up with friends…then my roommate disappears. Yeah, she left. So I’m stuck with no way to get home and all I wanted to do was SLEEP. Its almost midnight at this point. I asked a mutual friend if he knew how I could get home…he said he could definitely get us a ride around 12:30 or 1. Noooo, I was way too tired at that point. Knowing the buses stop running at midnight, I started walking downstairs…and he followed me and offered to drive me home. But we had to walk over a mile to his apartment to get his car. Sweet. Did I mention I’m wearing 5″ heels??? Fortunately(?) the alcohol numbed my feet so I didn’t feel the pain of my very cute heels. It was all kind of a blur, but it seemed like we made it back to his apartment in record time. I don’t remember what was said during that walk…hopefully nothing embarrassing. Oh well. So I got a ride back and immediately collapsed in bed. Good thing I set my alarm before I even started drinking! I woke up after sleeping 7 hours and felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck. Yeah…and I had to go to Personal Training class. Always a good thing to do, get plastered and go to a class that promotes health and well-being. Let’s just say it won’t happen again. I honestly don’t enjoy drinking a lot and I’m definitely not going out on a weeknight again. Not worth it! I’ll stick to my “early to bed, early to rise” mantra and catch up on Keeping With The Kardashians while doing schoolwork. It’s much more worthwhile in the long run ;)

I made another “bad” life choice (or good life choice…in my opinion) by choosing to skip classes and drive home yesterday instead of waiting until tonight. It was totally worth it. This is Shamrock Sportsfest weekend…the half marathon is on Sundayyyy ;) I feel SO much more prepared than I did last year and I’m looking forward to it. Ahh, right now I’m living the life: laying in the yard, tanning and catching up on blogs. Classes, what classes? ;)



13 Mar

Today is the day…I’m finally legal ;) I can’t believe I’m 21…I feel like I’m getting old sooo quickly. Now that I’m 21, time can sllllllowwww down…haha!

The trip to Charlotte was great! Thursday afternoon, we went to Southpark Mall…which was fabulous. I wish I lived near there…well, that’s probably NOT a good thing ;) After spending $$$ in Sephora and buying some cute Steve Madden high-heeled sandals on sale @70% off(!), we called it a day. I went back to the hotel and worked out in their really nice gym, then got in the hot tub to relax my muscles. So nice. The next morning, I woke up and went downstairs to get in a short, fast run and then we got ready and left the hotel. After making a trip to World Market (my dad works for the corporate side, so he feels the need to visit every store we come across! haha), we went to Panera (my FAVE)! This is a record: Panera twice in one week! :) After that, we made our way to the law school for an Admitted Students tour. It was gorgeous and had great views of downtown Charlotte. Its practically new and so its really technologically modern. I am still not sure exactly where I’m going to end up choosing to go to law school, but Charlotte is definitely a viable option :)

The weather was pretty gross on the drive home…misty rain + bright lights + darkness = difficulty seeing the road! We finally made it home around 10pm and all of us promptly passed out for the night! A part of me wanted to go out for a midnight “legal” drink, just for the sake of being carded….haha. But sleep is much more important, especially since I’ve been lacking it over Spring Break! Tonight, my fam, the boy, and I are all going to the Melting Pot and I’ll be doing a little bar-hopping to find my long sought-after perfect mojito ;) And there’s a bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator to break open when we get home…looks like I might be a little tipsy before this night is over. I’m trying to NOT drink much, because I have to drive back to school tomorrow and don’t want to feel bad! Oh well, I’m not going to focus on…for now, I’m going to celebrate! ;)


Three Things Thursday

4 Mar

1. TOMORROW…Spring Break begins :) I’m leaving bright and early in the morning to make the 5-hour drive home. I am sooooo excited…in fact I’ve been pretty high on life today ;) I just love home, family, the boy, my dog, my friends….for a whole week. Ahh :)

2. I am officially 9 days away from being the big 2-1. Wow time flies…I feel like I should still be in high school, and yet I’ll be graduating from college in 2.5 months! I’m going to The Melting Pot for my 21st birthday dinner…and I’m still in search of the best mojito in Hampton Roads. Because I will definitely be finding it March 13th. haha :)

3. My university has a really big Relay for Life every year (we had the #1 collegiate event last year!), and I’ve participated every year since I’ve been in school here. I had so much fun the first year that I signed up to be on the Executive Planning Committee last year and I’m on the Relay Staff this year. I just love love love it, and its for such a good cause. I relay in honor of my Aunt Nancy, who was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2008. She is still fighting it, but is doing better. I’m so glad that she’s participating this year…and I’m so grateful for family & friends that have been donating and helping my fundraising efforts. Its such a good feeling to know we’re all helping out the American Cancer Society. Do you Relay???


Let the countdown begin…

26 Feb

Ah, a week from today, I’ll be at home with my fam & the boy…and my friends from home. For a whole week. I actually have a hard time believing this semester is almost halfway over! Crazy…I’ll be graduating in about 76 days. I don’t think its really “hit” me yet…haha. It will be hitting me like a ton of bricks when I pack my bags to head to law school…I’ll definitely be in for it then!!! And I complain about the workload I have now…I’m most certainly in for a rude awakening!

As it always turns out, my birthday week always falls during Spring Break, so I get to enjoy my bday with family, which is perfectly fine with me. But this year is my 21st(!), and sadly I won’t be back at school yet to do a bar crawl…aka, birthday tradition in the ‘Burg. Maybe I’ll have to have a “belated” bar crawl…hey, I’ve gotta live it up while I can…did I mention I’m graduating in 76 days?!?! ;)

So the other night I came across my MySpace page…yes, I forgot I even had a Myspace account! I haven’t checked it in forever…and I had the long list of messages and comments to prove it! Anyways, just for fun, I decided to go back and read some old messages (emphasis on the OLD….circa 2005-2006!) from past boyfriends. Hahaha let’s just say it made for a hilarious evening of reminiscing, and I clearly had all the boys wrapped around my finger. Oh wait…I still do ;) Ha…but really, looking back on things that were said years ago, I don’t think I fully embraced the thoughtfulness by many of the guys that I dated while in high school. In fact, for lack of better words, I tended to be quite a bee-yotch! ha ha…sometimes I wish I could go back and change things, but I really do have it good now…I’m in a great relationship with a great guy, so I guess things do work out in the end :)

Well this was a really, really random post…haha…it goes to show how my mind works most of the time. Constantly confused and always random. I’m kidding ;)


Monday Materialism

8 Feb

I was reading Life In Pink‘s blog and she is bringing back the “Monday Materialism” posts. I figured I’d join in…since my 21st birthday is coming up on March 13th, its a perfect opportunity to lust over potential gifts ;) I really wanted this Longchamp Le Pliage bag for Christmas, but sadly, I didn’t get it. Oh well, I got lots of other nice things still :) But I guess I’ll try again for a “round two” haha…maybe I’ll get it for my birthday. We’ll see ;)

In other news, I just found out the weathermen are expecting another 2-5″ of snow between tonight & tomorrow. I am soooo over this snow! Its so uncommon in VA to get this much snow, even though this is the mountains! I was planning on digging out my car this afternoon for the second time in a week, but once I heard the weather, I didn’t bother. Instead of driving out to the “real” gym, I just went to the clubhouse gym and did an hour of intervals on the elliptical…on the highest level. It actually is a really good workout…I usually underestimate the elliptical, but I guess it can be a good alternative to running sometimes. After the 15 miles I did between Saturday & Sunday, I wanted to have a little break from running. I tend to get into a routine of running long distances every day and then I find myself injured…so I don’t want to do that, especially right before the 14k on Saturday!

Well, I’m sitting here doing schoolwork watching One Tree Hill (its my fave!)…keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t have classes if it snows! Happy Monday, ya’ll :)


Three Things Thursday!

14 Jan

This is my first “Three Things Thursday” post…trying something new :)

1. I’m thinking that taking Spin class & Abs class and strength training is not such a great thing to do the day after running 12 miles. Oh well, I actually feel less sore now.

2. I really did just inquire about the price of a Cartier engagement ring…I’m just curious about it. Ha ha…I’m still holding out for the Tiffany’s engagement ring my boyfriend promised. I hear he’s already been saving up for it ;)

3. I was just thinking how much fun it would be to run in the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in March. I’m kind of signed up for the Shamrock Marathon in VB on March 22…but this half-marathon would make a really sweet 21st birthday present…it’s my last college Spring Break, I turn 21, I would get to run (which is my favorite thing to do of course!), and be in warm, sunny Florida…sounds pretty awesome. Hint Hint :)