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27 Feb

I had big plans for a Hot Yoga class this morning. I went to bed relatively early and made myself get out of bed at 8:50am to get ready and drive to the studio. I looked out the window…surprise, surprise–there was snow on the ground. If you know me, you know that I am NOT going to drive in snow, especially since my townhouse is kind of at the top of a hill and I’m terrified of my car sliding around. I meant SUV…with 4-wheel drive. Ha ha yes I’m just afraid for no reason, I admit it. But anyways, I had to skip Hot Yoga…I was really looking forward to it after hitting the gym hard this week. I did Body Pump twice, lots of running, and lots of elliptical intervals throughout the week. So that was a little disappointing, but I might go tomorrow afternoon…its just such a good feeling after 90 minutes of sweating out toxins and getting some good stretching in. Does anyone else love Hot Yoga as much as I do?!

I had plans for today to be my “rest” day, only doing Hot Yoga, and then running 10 miles tomorrow. But since that clearly didn’t happen, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill today and tackled a few hills/intervals…I’m thinking of running another 5 tomorrow and then doing Hot Yoga in the afternoon. I know it isn’t going to be 10 miles all at once, but it still accomplishes the basic goal of running 10 miles this weekend + Hot Yoga. So I’ll go with it I guess :) I can’t wait until next week, when I get to go to my hometown gym (YMCA) alllll week! I miss the fab Spinning classes and the best Ab classes I’ve ever been to…and all of the instructors are awesome! Its the little things in life that make me happy ;) I also will probably get in a 12 or 13 mile run while I’m home…just as prep for my Half on March 21st. I’ve maintained my endurance and have been running 10-12 mile runs regularly, so I’m not really building up. I have been working on more intervals/high intensity training and I think I’ll definitely run the Half in less time this year than I did last year. We shall see I guess ;)

Well I’m going to relax & enjoy the rest of the day…I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! :)



So excited!

12 Feb

I’m HOME finally :) The five-hour drive went by quickly thanks to a Caffe Misto from Starbucks and some sweet music! ha ha. The snow on the mountains was really pretty…I think I have a newfound appreciation for it. Especially since I’m not trapped inside anymore!

So the first thing I always do when I get home (after hugging the fam and paying attention my love Chloe, of course) is turn on my laptop. I always feel like I miss so much when I don’t have my computer on for hours at a time. That’s usually the case since I always have 30490 billion emails to read when I log-in. Well, to my surprise, I got an email letting me know I was accepted at Charlotte School of Law! I’m sooo thrilled…I just love Charlotte, NC and it happens to be the only law school in the area! So that made my day for sure :) And now I am up to 2 acceptances, it makes my life less stressful…I’ll definitely be going to law school in the Fall!

I have a serious withdrawal from my local YMCA…I’m going in a little while to do a Spinning class and an Abs class. They seriously have the best Spinning instructors. I am not a fan of the ones at the gym by my university! So I’m excited to go visit with old friends that I used to see on a daily basis…need to catch up on all the gossip ;) ha ha just kidding! My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy, since I’m running the 14k tomorrow. 8.67 miles. No big deal. HA well, it usually isn’t. He’s just not as hardcore as I am, and he will admit it too! ;) Hope everyone’s Friday has been fab so far :)


Laziness is Unheard Of ;)

30 Jan

So I lied about taking a “day off.” Haha I knew that wouldn’t happen! Well, first I laid in bed and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic on Netflix On Demand…it was a really cute movie! But after being lazy all morning, I started to get antsy, as usual! I’m just not good at being lazy…haha…does anyone else have that problem? Most people I know think I’m crazy because I can’t just relax for a whole 24 hours. I personally just feel better and am in a better mood when I feel like I’ve been productive, of sorts. So I ended up working out for 1.5 hours using ExerciseTV.com…I did a Strength and Toning video, then half of a cardio video (I found it was wayyy too easy!) and then a CardioKickboxing video, which I really enjoyed! I then did lots of Abs for the Core Challenge that I’m participating in! So even with all the snow on the ground (we ended up with over a foot…the whole town is shut down!), I got in a good workout! Then I ended up cleaning up, washing clothes, vacuuming, and fun things like that. Last but not least, I cooked dinner! So the first half of my day I let myself be “lazy” and then I got some things done the second half! I think its a good compromise :)

Now I think I’ll read a magazine and watch some of the Miss America pageant. Hope everyone has had a fab Saturday! ;)

Workout, diet plans, and Hot Yoga!

8 Jan

Well, as I’ve been training for a marathon, despite my leg injury…I thought about how I should start eating better. Now, I’m pretty much a health freak already, and I don’t like foods that are too salty/fattening/carb-laden/sugary, but I have a bad habit of skipping meals. I always always always have breakfast, which is a major plus being healthy, but I tend to skip lunch or eat something like cereal in place of a meal. Often. If I didn’t do that but on a rare occasion, it may not be so bad. However, I do this too many times in a week. Not only that, but even though I LOVE salads, I still don’t eat enough fruits & veggies. I have cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, a salad for lunch when I even bother to eat, and usually a protein/carb/veggie for dinner. Dinner is probably the most balanced and healthy meal I eat in a day.

Sooooo…I’ve been thinking about it, and I really would like to try the “gluten-free” diet. I’ve heard good things about it, and most people that follow it say they feel better and more energetic. I think that this could be really beneficial since I workout really tough every day…it would be nice to have an energy boost! So I’ve decided that I need to read up on that ASAP and get started. I’ll be in an apartment in a week with a nice kitchen, so I can cook up a storm if I want to! It’s more challenging being at home trying to eat differently, because my parents are a bad influence on me! ha ha…although I know my mom would like to try the gluten-free thing too, so I’ll try to talk her into trying it as well ;)

I’ve been doing a lot of cross-training/strength training and not as much running as I’d like, but I can’t do but so much with my leg the way it is. On a good day, a ten-mile run is great…I was going for at least ten miles yesterday, though, and decided that seven miles was as good as it would get. And I definitely paid for it last night…I was icing my leg while watching the BCS game…ROLL TIDE ROLL! :) So anyways, since cross-training is such a focal point right now, I’ve been upping the intensity quite a bit. If I do the elliptical, its for at least 50 minutes at a really¬†high level…enough to make me feel like I just ran ten or so miles…haha. Spinning is also one of my favorites…I like to do a really intense class a few times a week. I also do an Abs class on days I do Spinning…core muscles are imperative to running! I do like to strength train at least twice a week…this has made a big difference in all of my workouts!

I’ll be trying something new tomorrow (Saturday) that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try…hot yoga! I love yoga so much, and its really good for runners. I’ve heard that hot yoga is even better for runners, plus its just good for the body to sweat out all those toxins! Soooo I signed up for an early morning 90-minute class…so excited…I’ll have to do a recap afterwards!