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Moving Along…New Blog!

20 Jan

Well, after lots of thought, I decided to try my luck using Blogger. I really wanted to move this entire blog over to Blogger, but alas, WordPress doesn’t want you to do that, so they make it too difficult! haha :) I will still be using this blog to give updates on life from time to time, but ultimately, I plan to focus on my new blog. My direction has changed quite a bit since I started blogging, and I’m much more interested in writing about fashion, fitness, and hopefully travel in the near future! :) I hope to see all of your faces at my new blog! Thanks so much :)





18 Oct

I never thought that writing a blog would be my thing, but I’ve been inspired by my 84-year old Political Science professor to begin keeping track of my day-to-day life. As a Congressman in VA, he kept a journal while he was in Congress and had it published…it’s “Diary of a Congressman” if anyone is interested. I love to write, so hopefully this will come naturally to me…we shall see! :)