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25. Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve had an enjoyable day with family and friends. And I think a lot of us are seeing “White Christmases”…that hasn’t happened in a very long time here, so its a welcome surprise :)



22. “Dream” Christmas Wish List

22 Dec

There’s always something extravagant that you want for Christmas, right? Something you know you’ll probably never get…unless you win the lottery, marry a rich person, or have a trust fund. In which case, you’re just lucky. You also might be able to have this kind of $$$ if you have a good job…maybe. Haha. But anyways, what would you put on your Christmas list if money weren’t an issue? I can think of a few things I’d put on mine…

1. Range Rover – Dream SUV. I’ll settle for a BMW though.










2. Two weeks…or longer…in Tahiti/Bora Bora. At the Four Seasons Resort.









3. A closet full of Christian Louboutins…enough said ;)












4. Marc Jacobs bags…and lots of them. I’ll take Chanel too…or Louis Vuitton. I’m not picky ;)











5. A ski trip…Telluride, Aspen, Park City…again, I’m not picky. haha.










What’s on your “dream” Christmas list?




21. Last Minute Gift Ideas

21 Dec

Am I the only person NOT done with Christmas shopping? Probably not…haha. But still, there are really 4 days (including today!) to get those last minute gifts done and wrapped before Christmas morning. Which means that I should probably not be sitting on the computer, but instead out braving the crowds…oops! ;) Here are some last-minute ideas for gifts:

1. A Bottle of Wine – This is good for almost anyone: a wine connoisseur, your neighbors, friends who are throwing a Christmas party, family, etc. Most people like wine and will appreciate the gesture!









2. A Gift Card – I know, I know…gift cards get a bad rap for being “impersonal”…but sometimes they’re the perfect gift for someone who (1) has everything, (2) you aren’t sure what to buy them, (3) they really like a particular place (i.e. restaurant, store, coffee shop, resort, spa, etc.).






3. A Gift Basket – Either buy them already made, or make your own and fill with the person’s favorite items. Bath & Body Works makes baskets, as do places like Harry & David. If you make your own, think about what the person likes: Are they a foodie? Try wines, cheeses, crackers, candies, etc. Do they like to be pampered? Wine (you can never go wrong with wine, clearly…haha), chocolate, candles, bubble bath, luxurious lotions, bath salts, etc. There are so many options…the ideas are almost endless. These are especially nice and thoughtful gifts if you really know the person’s interests!








20. Get Into The Christmas Spirit

20 Dec

Well, with only 5 days until Christmas morning, hopefully we’re all in the “Christmas Spirit” already. But if you’re not, don’t fret…sometimes its difficult if you’re still working or in school this week. Being busy seriously throws a crimp into the excitement of Christmas, but it doesn’t have to! How about trying one of these things each day leading up to Christmas Day:

1. Make a Gingerbread House – This is a simple way to get excited for the upcoming holiday. If you want to make it more fun, why not have a decorating competition where you make gingerbread houses as an individual or as a team, and then have someone judge them?












2. Watch a Christmas movie every night leading up to Christmas Day – This is never a bad idea…hey, I started watching Christmas movies back in November! :)












3. Bake Cookies – Cut out sugar cookie dough with cookie cutters, bake, and then frost and decorate them…this tradition has been in my family forever!










4. Ride Around to Look at Christmas Lights – This is usually a lot of fun…its always neat to see the creative ways that people decorate for Christmas. Some houses even do lights coordinated with music!



5. Christmas Exhibits/Events – Busch Gardens now does “ChristmasTown“, there are all kinds of Christmas decoration exhibits at museums and such, live nativity scenes, Christmas concerts etc…the list goes on :)









18: Favorite Christmas Movies

18 Dec

1. Christmas Vacation – This is my family’s favorite Christmas movie…and sadly we all know it well enough to quote every line from the movie. “Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?”














2. Home Alone 1 & 2 – These two have always been classic Christmas movies to me…I grew up watching them and it always puts me in the holiday spirit when I watch them now :)













3. Love, Actually – This is just an all-around great movie. So much drama and laughs,  and so much love. And then throw Christmas into the mix, and it equals perfection!














4. I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Well, for starters, JTT is in it…that’s enough of a reason to love this movie. But its a really cute and festive movie and always makes me think of Christmases at home.













5. Jack Frost – I know, I know…this movie is kinda sad. But its a really touching movie and it reminds you to not take life for granted!













6. Elf – Will Ferrell is hilarious and awkward, as usual. Enough said.













7. The Santa Clause (1, 2 & 3!) – All three of these are great movies, even though I still think the first was the best of all! It makes you hope that there really is a Santa Clause out there ;)












There are many, many more Christmas movies out there that I love…but I had to stop before this post keeps going on and on! I also enjoy watching ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas during the holidays for the Christmas movies, and the Lifetime channel has a few good Christmas movies!


16. Things To Do On A Snowday

16 Dec

Snow days are fun, right? Well…not when you drive 50 minutes to class to take a 45 minute exam, and then sit in traffic for 2 hours. BUT that’s another story for another day :) Ideally, snow days should be filled with movies, fun, hot chocolate, and playing in the snow…here are some suggestions:

1. Watch Christmas movies – Isn’t is great when it snows so close to Christmas? I LOVE it :)







2. Make Hot Chocolate or Coffee – Add a candy cane or some holiday marshmallows for a festive drink!







3. Play Games









4. Play in the Snow…after all, that’s the most fun!



















Now that I’m home and not parked on the highway any more(!), I plan to play in the snow and curl up on the couch with a fire in the fireplace and watch some Christmas movies ;)


15. What to Wear on Christmas Day

15 Dec

I think its important to be comfortable on Christmas Day…after all, you might be traveling to your family’s house, hanging out and enjoying the company of family and friends, or maybe even outside playing football with the guys (+10 if they’re your hot neighbors! haha). Here are a few outfit ideas that you can layer, depending on the temperature. Around home, the weather is SO unpredictable, but it looks like we’re in the middle of a cold streak and a big chance of snow…which is not a bad thing right before Christmas ;)

1. Casual Chic







L to R: Forever 21 Lace Yoke Tunic, $22.80; 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere Skinny Stretch Jeans, $169; Madden Girl Raleigh Bootie, $49.95

2. Comfortable & Cute







L to R: Forever 21 Crochet Sweater Top with Belt, $22.90; Forever 21 Fitted Ribbed Tee, $5.99; Charlotte Russe Everyday Skinny Destructed Jeans, $34.50; Bandolino Jess Boots, $100.99 (On Sale @ Macy’s!)

3. Christmas Classy







L to R: BCBG Max Azria Tunic Sweater Dress, $188.00; BCBG Max Azria Macaulay Leggings, $69.00 (On sale at 6pm.com!); BCBGeneration Malina Ankle Boot, $79.99 (On sale at Dillards!)

By the way, you might have to find some other shoes if you’re going to play football with the guys…totally worth it ;) haha


14. Holiday Fitness: Spinning

14 Dec

I love Spinning. Well, I’m biased…I teach Spin, so naturally I love it. But it really is a great workout, and I think everyone should try it! :) Its such a good cardio workout, but it also is great for cross-training, building endurance, and strengthening your legs! To top it off, its typically taught in a high-energy atmosphere and its so easy to get into the workout “groove” in a Spin class. Here’s a Christmas playlist that I made for a 30-minute holiday Spin sesh:

1. Santa Baby (Pussycat Dolls) – 3:01 Warm-up

2. Wizards in Winter (Trans Siberian Orchestra) – 3:06 Seated Flat/Sprint

a. 0:31, 1:16, 2:11

3. Jingle Bell Rock (Bobby Helms) – 2:10 Standing Climb

4. Queen of the Winter Night (Trans Siberian Orchestra) – 3:12 Standing Climb/Run with Resistance

a. 0:28, 1:24, 2:40

5. My Only Wish This Year (Britney Spears) – 4:17 Standing Climb/Jumps on a Hill

a. 0:53, 2:11, 3:10

6. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (Miley Cyrus) – 2:23 Seated Flat/Sprint

a. 0:50, 1:40

7. Wish Liszt (Trans Siberian Orchestra) – 3:42 Seated Climb/Sprint

a. 0:47, 1:52, 2:30, 3:04 (Standing Climb)

8. Mad Russian’s Christmas (Trans Siberian Orchestra) – 4:43

a. Climb 0:00-1:14

b. Sprint 1:14-1:38

c. Standing Climb 1:38-2:21

d. Sprint 2:21-2:58

e. Standing Climb 2:58-3:38

f. Sprint 3:38-3:52

g. Standing Climb 3:52-4:12

h. Sprint 4:12-4:38

9. The Angel at the Top of My Tree (Kenny Chesney) – 3:27 Cooldown

10. Let It Snow (Point of Grace) – 4:11 Cooldown

Remember to have fun…and don’t forget to stretch it out after your workout!


13. Holiday Baking: Gingerbread

13 Dec

Gingerbread just screams “Christmas” to me…it comes in so many forms: cookies, cakes, Gingerbread houses, ornaments, etc. One way or the other, you probably encounter some form of Gingerbread during the holidays! Here are some ways to incorporate it into your holiday season:

1. Gingerbread House, $9.99 at World Market…shameless plug for the ‘Market, since my Dad works in the corp. division ;) I love making Gingerbread houses during Christmas…its your chance to showcase your talent!











2. “Gingerbread” Ornaments – Very easy to make…here is a recipe and directions for how to make these!


An example of what it looks like when ready!



3. Colonial Williamsburg Gingerbread Cookies – Recipe can be found here. This recipe is excellent!


Its currently “blizzarding” at my house, which is really rare for this area (especially before Christmas!)…this is our second snow before Christmas, in fact. I LOVE it. It reminds me of the good ol’ days in the ‘Burg, where we got snow every single day it felt like. Except, I like it a whole lot more here than I did there, because HERE the whole place shuts down if it snows. There, life goes on…you have to go out in the snow…haha ;)


11. Holiday Baking: Christmas Cookies!

11 Dec

Saturday was “Christmas Cookie” baking day at my house…and it literally took all day (plus some extra time on Sunday!). I thought I’d list the cookies (and the recipes, if possible!) for the cookies that I made :)

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies – I talked about these in this post!

2. Gingerbread Cookies – Actually used a Betty Crocker boxed mix for these, and used cookie cutters to cut them out!

3. Sugar Cookies – Used Pillsbury refrigerated dough, and used cookie cutters to cut them out and then frost them!

4. White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cranberry Dreams – Recipe can be found here. These are excellent!

5. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Used a Domino Sugar recipe found here.

6. Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Crackers – Sooo good! Very easy…here’s a recipe.










7. Butterscotch Haystacks – These are always a hit! Here’s a recipe. There are also MANY variations of these!

8. Eggnog Caramels – I used Allie’s recipe found here. These are SO good. Especially dipped in chocolate!

9. Christmas M&M Cookies – Used the same recipe as for Chocolate Chip Cookies, but used Christmas M&Ms instead of chocolate chips!

10. Peppermint Bark – I just took melted White Chocolate & Chocolate and added crushed candy canes. Let harden, then crack it into small pieces (similar to peanut brittle)! Very easy! Here’s a recipe from Paula Deen just in case!









I hope these ideas are helpful…Happy Baking! ;)