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Crossing things off my to-do list ;)

6 Jan

So I finally perfected my personal statement for law school admission…I have done almost everything on my applications, so now its about time to submit them! It’s an exciting and nervous feeling…I feel accomplished at getting this far, but nervous that everything I have done is not good enough. We shall see!

I still have about a week & a half before my last semester of college begins…I can’t believe I’m about to become a college grad! I think I’m ready though. I have been waiting for many years to finally be able to attend law school, so lets just hope everything will work out! A family friend that was in Spin class at the gym yesterday was telling me that his daughter is in law school in Charlotte, NC right now, and it sounds like she’s having the time of her life. I have heard only good things about this law school and I intend to apply there! Many of the schools that I am looking at are in North Carolina…I am convinced they just have more schools than Virginia does….haha. Maybe not, but the ones in good ol’ VA just don’t seem to suit me as well. I haven’t mentioned the other schools that I’m applying to as much, because I think family & friends don’t want to hear about them…they’re in California (which would be my dream!), New York, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. So pretty much all East Coast except for CA. I am open to attending any schools in these states really…I think it would be fun to go out on my own and have a new experience. I have not lived outside the state of VA in all of my life, but it is highly likely that I will not be living here once I am working. I plan practice law in a big(ger) city…so may as well practice living away from “home” (VA) now ;)



Wonderful weekend in the city

1 Dec

The trip to Charlotte, NC was amazing…a long drive though!!! 5 hours plus dealing with traffic…but we made it fun :) We got to the city around 2pm on Saturday, and after checking into the Hilton, went walking around. Strangely enough, the city was pretty much deserted! I’m not used to that…every big city I’ve been to ALWAYS has people walking around and lots of stores and restaurants open. So after wandering around and finding pretty much every store closed, we decided to watch the VT/UVA game in a nearby sports bar. That turned out to be really fun…every wall was covered with TVs so we kept up with multiple games at once and I got to see my Hokies win :) After the game, we went back to the hotel and got ready for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. The arena was only a few blocks from our hotel, so the walk wasn’t bad and it wasn’t too cold outside either. The concert was really nice, but suprisingly, not as good as I expected. Last year it was actually better…don’t quote me on this, but it seemed as though they used the EXACT same playlist for the first half of the show as they did last year. A little disappointing, but overall still a good show!

Sunday, after checking out of the hotel (by the way, this is the first hotel where I’ve seen a NOON checkout time!), we stopped at Starbucks, which always makes me happy to know that I found a guy who loves Starbucks as much as I do :) On the way home, we stopped in Concord Mills, NC…which if you don’t know, is a WONDERFUL shopping area. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area! We spent wayyy too much time and money there, but had lots of fun. I think Sunday was actually a better day than Saturday overall :) We got home super late for a Sunday night, and I did not want to go to class the next day. So I slept late, and went to 4 out of 5 classes. Can’t believe there are only 5 more days of classes to go…where did the semester go?! On that note, I should get back to my three 10-12 page papers due within a week…yikes!


Pretty lights in Charlotte

Hotel room at the Hilton

Super huge Bass Pro Shops and Outdoor World :)