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Some Recent Deals

10 Jan

Well, I started off the year saying I wasn’t going to shop much. I’d say I’ve done so-s0 at sticking with that goal…haha. First of all, the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale started last Tuesday, and I definitely did some damage there! But the Semi-Annual Sale is pretty much the only time I buy things like yoga pants, PINK sweats, new bras, etc. because the deals are SO good…why would I go buy the same things for full price when I can wait until January or July?!






Some deals I found:

L to R: Boyfriend Pant, $25 online (I paid less than $20 in-store though!); VS PINK Multi-Way Bra, $26.99 online; T-Shirt Demi Bra, $15.99 online


I also finally got a watch similar to one I’ve been eyeing for a while. I really wanted the Michael Kors version, but there are so many look-a-likes at much better prices, so I decided to go cheap on this one. I rarely wear a watch to begin with, so I’m trying to get used to having one on. Not to mention, I had $20 in Amazon Rewards….and the watch was $19.99! So I paid $4.95 total (for shipping) and basically got a free watch!







The one on the left is the one I bought for $19.99 on Amazon.com, and the Michael Kors Runway watch is on the right (On sale for $169 on Amazon.com!)…sure, its not exactly like the “authentic” MK watch, but its pretty similar at a much lower price!


Also, if you’ve never heard of Groupon…you should definitely check it out! I recently signed up to get the Groupon Deal of the Day for my area and I’ve seen some really great deals so far. They have 50% offers to restaurants pretty often, so if you like to go out to dinner…there ya go. I personally had been on the lookout for a Hot Yoga deal, since its typically so expensive! After checking Groupon and a few other sites with daily deals pretty regularly, I FINALLY found one! I have never been to this studio, but its one of the premier locations in the area, so I’ll give it a shot :)





I paid $40 for 10 classes…the retail price was $120, so I saved $80! Well worth it for yoga classes…they’re so pricey!


I tend to check out designer clothing discount sites pretty often, as mentioned in this post…even though I’m trying not to spend much money, I had been on the lookout for a pair of black skinny jeans for a while now. I kept seeing different types on Ruelala, Hautelook, and Beyond the Rack, but at $85+, I decided to wait around for a better deal. I logged onto Bluefly the other day, and lo and behold, I found a pair of James Jeans on sale for $54.39! I couldn’t pass that up, so I finally ordered some black skinnies.







I don’t have anything else I’m on the lookout for at the moment (which is a good thing! haha), so I’m going to try and stop spending $$$! I really need to start saving up if I’m going to go to Europe this summer! ;)

What deals have you found lately?



17. Gifts for Men

17 Dec

1. A nice quality watch is always a good gift…a watch is just an essential, and a classic-looking watch goes with almost any outfit!






Michael Kors Round Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch, $180.00


2. A magazine subscription…based on his interests. If he likes golf, subscribe to Golf Digest. If he likes current events and business, try Newsweek. If he just likes sports in general, try ESPN The Magazine.







3. Video Games…apparently all men have an inner child. Enough said.







L to R: Madden 11, $38; Call of Duty, $50; XBOX Kinect, $149 (Let’s face it, the Kinect might be more interesting to you than your guy. Even better reason to buy it…a little gift for yourself! ha


Shopping for men can be really easy, or really difficult. There are so many things you CAN buy for men, like clothing, shoes, accessories, and colognes because most men don’t mind other people doing their shopping for them! However, getting jeans and socks year after year can get old…quickly. So even if you plan to buy clothing for the guy (because SOMEbody has help him stay in style…ha ha), throw in a “fun” gift as well. And hopefully he will reciprocate the idea and give you a “fun” gift too. You can always hope ;)


Clothing Sale!

11 Dec

So I’ve been attempting to clean out my closet for……the past 6 months or so! I finally got around to taking pictures of some clothes and I’ve finally posted them for sale on Ebay. I did this last winter and had good results, so I’m trying the whole Ebay thing again :) Here’s the link, in case anyone is interested! I tend to have a lot of clothes that I’ve never even taken the tags off of…so a lot of the items that I’m selling are practically “brand new” :) Feel free to check it out!


5. Pretty Sweaters for Cold Days

5 Dec

Brr, it’s cold outside! I love winter because I get to bundle up in sweaters and layers. I don’t mean frumpy layers and sweaters, though! You want to make sure that when you wear these cold-weather styles, you don’t let it become unflattering on your body. You can dress warmly and look like hot stuff at the same time! ;)

1. AE Light & Lofty Dolman Sweater, On sale for $29.95. Comes in Black, Grey, Smoke Blue, Lilac, Auberine, and Light Brown.







2. NY&Co Gramercy Cable Turtleneck Sweater, On sale for $29.95–Yes, turtlenecks get a bad rap sometimes, but they are definitely wearable and even chic if you get one that fits well and is flattering!






3. LOFT Shawl Collar Faux Wrap Sweater, $59.50–Comes in Navy, Primrose, Avocado, Lavender, and Ivory






4. Charlotte Russe Tie-Waist Crochet Lurex Sweater, $29.50–Comes in Champagne Beige and Raisin






5. Forever 21 Cable Sweater Tunic, $19.80–Comes in Charcoal and Purple






6. Forever 21 Cowl Cable Sweater Top, $18.24–Comes in Avocado, Burgundy and Cocoa







1. Holiday Party Fashion

1 Dec

I think we all find ourselves attending multiple holiday parties during the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, and with all those events, we all need something pretty to wear! I am such a shopper, and I probably spend WAY more money than I should! I think we all need a new dress (or two…or three…) to wear to all of these parties we’ll be going to in December! ;) Here are some holiday outfit ideas, mainly for a “cocktail party”:

AE Sweetheart Party Dress $49.50

Metallic Bow Wallet/Clutch $9.50

Michael Antonia Lloyd Gold Glitter Pumps $64


Michael Kors “Pressley” Pumps $98           NY&Co Bracelet $16.95                  Gianni Bini “Dawn” Dress $138

Ruffle Flower Strapless Dress $69.96                                        GUESS Holbrook Sandal $99


These are just some (of many!) ideas involving cocktail party attire. I like to take outfit ideas and then try to find them at a less expensive store (i.e. Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, etc.). Which means you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars on dresses/shoes/accessories you might only wear once :) Occasionally, I even find designer clothing on sale for a really good deal and in those cases, I say, go for the real thing! ;)




Shop Til I Drop

27 Nov

I’ve become quite the shopper lately. I LOVE shopping, and I used to shop pretty much every weekend when I was in high school…however, I also bought cheaper clothes back then! Lately, though, I’ve found myself shopping more frequently than I have in a while…and buying expensive, name-brand items. On sale, of course. I keep thinking about how I would love to work in the fashion industry…even though I’m in law school and will obviously end up with a more structured and probably less exciting job…haha. At least it will probably pay better…which is good, considering my shopping habits! ;)

Even though I’ve been spending (way too much) money, I’ve managed to find some great deals:

Rock and Republic Berlin Skinny Jeans from bluefly.com…originally $228, I paid $86. Unfortunately, the sale isn’t quite as good as it was when I bought them…I think they’re currently $115.

Walter by Walter Baker Sequin Top in Gunmetal…originally $228, I paid $39 (total, including shipping) from beyondtherack.com. I check a list of designer sale websites daily, and I had been looking for a racerback sequin tank for a while, so I was glad I found this one. It ended up being cheaper than similar tops in NY&Co. and Express…and (hopefully) is better quality!

And the best for last: I FINALLY got my Garmin Forerunner 405! I found it on Amazon.com for $194…which I think is a steal, considering the suggested retail price of over $300. I’ve been wanting a 405 for a while now (since I’ve been relying on Nike+ for WAY too long!), and I decided to go ahead and buy instead of waiting for Christmas in case it wasn’t on sale then.

So I spent quite a bit of money in the past week…but if nothing else, at least I found some great deals on things that I have been on the lookout for! Has anyone else found any great deals lately? Any Black Friday deals?!


Confessions of a Shopaholic

20 Oct

Okay, I admit it. I LOVE to shop. Like if I’m in a terrible mood, all I have to do is swipe that plastic card and its like instant gratification. Do I have a problem? Maybe. But I think we all (and by all, I mean 99.9% women and 0.01% men) get that great feeling after we spend $$$. Now, a few HOURS after the purchase(s) we made, we may begin to regret how much money we spent. I know I do that a lot. haha. But then I try on my new clothes, wear my new shoes, or carry my new purse…and all is better again. I know, I know…in my last post I just talked about how labels and status symbols aren’t important. But most of us desire to have pretty things, and typically those “pretty things” cost a pretty penny. That’s where designer sales come in. I am quite addicted to my main main, Marc Jacobs, as well as my (2nd) main man Michael Kors…and plenty more great designers. You get the picture…haha :) So I’ve gotten hooked on a few websites that have huge designer clothing sales (among other sales…on vacations and furniture and bedding…the list goes on). I am sure a lot of you have already heard of these lovely sites and are already members, but in case you’re not I though I would share my invites with all of you…because you have to be “invited” in order to get in on the sales!

Here ya go!


Beyond The Rack


Gilt Groupe

I’ve found some seriously great deals on designer clothing on these sites and I check them pretty religiously in order to see all the newest sales! Does anyone know of any other good websites like these that have good deals?!  If you tell me, I can totally keep it a secret! ;) Happy Shopping!