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Adventures of the Week ;)

10 May

Wow the past week or so has been pretty busy. Wednesday was the last day of classes, so Thursday I decided to have some fun :) After I went to the gym for a nice run, the boy and I drove out on the Blue Ridge Parkway to visit an awesome winery. I’ve been there before, but unfortunately wasn’t 21, so I couldn’t do a wine tasting. So I was pumped this time around…I love this winery…their wine is amazing. The lady who did our wine tasting was ahem, very generous with the sampling…needless to say I was sufficiently tipsy at the end of that. Ha ha. Then we took a short tour of the winery, which is really cool. I think Thursday was by far the prettiest day I’ve seen this year, so we drove on the Parkway for a while and stopped at different overlooks to see the gorgeous mountains. I will say this part of the state is so pretty in the summer :)

Friday, I spent the day studying for my 7:45am Saturday exam and took a gym break in the afternoon. I studied until way too late Friday night and got maybe 5 hours of sleep before I had to take my exam. So glad that’s over with! I had plans to go to Hot Yoga on Saturday morning after my exam, so I stopped at Starbucks for coffee to kill some time before I went to the studio. It was a perfect day for yoga…I’ve had a pretty intense workout week, so it was nice to stretch and sweat out toxins. Saturday afternoon, we decided to hike to a local waterfall…its so pretty. I went once my freshman year of college during the Fall, so it was nice to go back in late Spring and see how pretty it is :) It was an awesome 4-mile hike, and we took our time and just enjoyed the day. Its almost like I’m on vacation…even though I still have one more exam to go!

Sunday we stayed in and I cleaned up and did laundry…the necessities. I guess not every day can be a vacation day ;) I got in a nice 7-miler, especially since the weather was SO great yesterday. Then, we spent the evening watching movies. And I was avoiding studying, of course.

Today, well, I had plans to “study” for my essay exam tomorrow morning at 7:45m…what is up with my exams being so early?! I haven’t gotten around to studying…yet. But I was being domestic and made a healthy (cake mix + egg whites + applesauce) cake for the boy…and cleaned the kitchen…and now I am about to go to the gym. Nothing like procrastinating. Oh and did I mention One Tree Hill comes on tonight??? Studying looks like a no-go. Kidding. I do need to at least review the material…just severely lacking motivation nowadays…especially since I graduate in FOUR days ;)



Sunny Saturday :)

1 May

I’ve been having some terrible allergies the past few days…it seems like everyone is. I thought the worst of the pollen was gone already…guess not! Even so, I can’t seem to stay indoors…the weather is so nice. I guess I’ll just have to deal with my allergies!

This is my last weekend before Finals…so I’ve tried to enjoy it a little bit at least :) I layed outside earlier for a little while and got some sun while I relaxed studied Nutrition. I’ve been so productive this week…its weird how school is just about over and I’m just NOW attempting to be productive…the irony. ha ha. I guess I’m just more motivated, now that the end is in sight ;) I even gave my townhouse a Spring Cleaning…it was much-needed, thats for sure! I was also getting it cleaned up because my b0yfriend will be here in 3 days…so excited. Even though Tuesday is going to be super-difficult to get through (2 exams, 1 discussion leader assignment, studying for another exam), I’ll just be glad to get the day over with and wait for the boy to get here! And after an exam on Wednesday, undergrad classes officially end for me…forever! :)

I think I’m going back outside to brave my allergies and go for a run…not sure how great that is, but I feel like I need a good run! I was contemplating Hot Yoga tomorrow, but I’m not sure sinuses and downward dogs will go to well together…has anyone ever done hot yoga with a cold/allergies?


Three Things Thursday

29 Apr

1. FOUR DAYS. That’s how many days of class I have left of undergrad…forever. Can’t believe how quickly this semester went by and how soon graduation is! I feel like high school graduation was not long ago, but here I am about to graduate from college…well, an entire year early…so that might be why it feels so soon!

2. In five short days, the boy will be here with me….for 1.5 weeks until after Graduation Day when I get to go HOME! So excited for summer…looks like its going to be a great one :)

3. I just applied to a law school close to home…as in, I could commute to class every day. (Yeah, I’ve already been accepted and sent in my first deposit to another school.) My mom wanted me to at least apply, because apparently the school has a good reputation (which I’m still iffy about) and because in the long run, it would be cheaper. It actually would be nice to not be in as much debt, and after spending too many semesters 5 hours away from home, I’m actually not sure I want to move away from home again in the Fall. I always thought I’d be adventurous…and I still want to be sometimes, but the reality of it is, I’m from a small town and will probably never leave. I’ll travel a lot, and likely commute 45 minutes to my future job, but I just feel like home is where the heart is. Cliche, I know. But so true :)


Falling Into Place

27 Apr

Yep, things are falling into place! I got back three different grades today on assignments from the past few weeks, and all were good :) I did a group presentation this morning in Personal Training, and I just finished working on a project/presentation for a class I have tomorrow. Now I just have an online quiz and a few discussion board posts to catch up on and then I need to start preparing for my exams…not too bad, considering the workload I’ve had this semester! SIX more days of classes…I think I can make it :)

Did I mention I’m totally jealous that today was the boy’s last day of classes for the semester?! He only has a few exams to take and then he’s driving up here a week from today to stay with me for 1.5 weeks until I finish exams & graduate! So excited :) Hopefully we won’t be too bored…minus the studying I have to do for my two exams. I’ve already got my eye on some hiking and driving through the mountains…maybe a winery tour or two…gotta live up the last few weeks here! ;)


Back in action

26 Apr

After the craziness of last week, I finally feel (mostly) better. I think a lot of feeling better is being reassured that there’s nothing seriously wrong! I went to the doctor on Friday morning after another long sleepless night…I just couldn’t breathe Thursday night, especially when lying down. So I sat up on the couch all night, and actually wasn’t even tired. I finally got tired around 7am, and dozed off for a few minutes…unfortunately, I was going to the doctor at 8am so I didn’t get much sleep. I sat in the doctor’s office forever, and finally got called back. After they reviewed my symptoms and got the medical report from my Wednesday morning trip to the ER, my family doctor said he did not see how the ER doctor could have made such a diagnosis without doing a particular test (having to do with the lungs). Long story short, someone was wrong, and let’s just say it probably was not my family doctor….so my doctor suggested doing an Echocardiogram just to make sure it was nothing serious…he was almost certain it was just an inflamed chest wall. Which I still don’t know how that happened, but anyways….at least its not serious! So the Echocardiogram showed nothing wrong, which was a relief. I think I instantly felt a little better. So basically I was given extra-strength Aleve and that’s about it. But I really am feeling better, so I’m glad :)

I took it easy over the weekend. Friday, after my long day of doctor’s appointments, I was exhausted from not getting sleep the night before. I fell asleep on the couch for about 4 hours, then after dinner fell asleep again. And slept really good that night. So I felt pretty awesome Saturday morning….haha. Then, Saturday was verrrry busy, so I didn’t have time to miss running….because yes, I’ve missed my workouts A LOT. I ended up buying my graduation dress Saturday night plus some gorgeous shoes ;)

Sunday, after running errands with my mom and working on projects for classes, I begged my mom to let me run…ha ha ha. She didn’t care as long as I felt like it…I should’ve known that. The only person who didn’t want me to run was the boy…I think he was terrified I was going to feel bad again. But running actually felt good, and I totally ran at my normal pace. It was nice to break a sweat for the first time in a few days!

I drove back to the ‘Burg today for my last FULL week of classes…we have 3 days next week, too, but those are filled with last-minute exams that my professors crammed in the schedule, so it seems like next week will be my “finals” week. Ha. Its nice to know that college is almost over…I didn’t even dread the 5-hour drive back to school today…because I know its almost over and I’ll be out of here soon ;)

So I’m about to go attempt a Spinning class at my gym near campus…I tried it once before and felt like it was not a good workout at all, but I’m giving it another shot. Plus I don’t need to overexert myself anyways…trying to ease back into my workouts without making myself worse!


Epic (fail) night.

21 Apr

Who ends up in the emergency room at 2:30am this morning? That would be me. Let me back up…

I had been feeling kind of “off” yesterday, but nothing kept me from continuing with my day…classes all day + six mile run. I got home and cooked dinner…a pretty darn good dinner, too…I mean its not every single night that I cook dinner. So around 8pm I was laying on my bed doing schoolwork, and it felt like my chest was tight…and I was slightly short of breath. And I still just felt off. I was worrying myself at this point because I started Googling symptoms…yeah, that usually ends badly. So now my heart rate feels elevated and I hate that I’m in the townhouse alone right then, because what if I like pass out or something? Yeah I told you I was freaking out/thinking worst-case scenario possibilities. So I kept myself occupied doing work and continued to freak out. I was wondering if I should…go to the hospital. I mean, if it were a cardiac problem…better safe than sorry.

So as I was shaking and probably having something similar to an anxiety attack, I called my mom…I told her I didn’t feel well but it was probably just anxiety…from what, I have no clue. I didn’t even mention the hospital part…because there was no need to worry her as well…although I would have LOVED to have been at home being taken care of by my family instead of being 5 hours away at this point. But we talked for a while and I started to feel better…we talked it over and I decided to take an “early” weekend and drive home for a few days. Thought maybe I was stressed and a break would make me feel better. Uhhuh. SO I was feeling better somewhat after I got off the phone with my mama and decided to write a paper early since I wouldn’t be in class on Thursday to turn it in. I was awake until about 1:45am writing, and then finally I got in bed. I felt the chest pains/tightness again, shortness of breath, and it just felt like my heart was racing…needless to say, I couldn’t sleep. Then I convinced myself that my arm was a little numb, which honestly terrified me. I’m totally healthy…or so I had thought. But yet I still convinced myself that I could be having heart problems.

I absolutely couldn’t sleep, so I did what any rational (ha ha) person would do…went to the emergency room. I drove myself there at 2:30 in the morning in the rain…probably not the best idea, but I like to think I’m tough. ha. I didn’t tell my parents or boyfriend because I knew they were asleep…I definitely didn’t want to scare anyone, especially if it turned out to be nothing. So I got to the ER and was taken back very quickly (if you need to go the ER, I recommend 3am…ha). They checked my BP and asked a bunch of questions, then listened to my heartbeat, etc. It sounded “normal” but they decided to do an EKG and chest xrays, too. The EKG showed that indeed, I had a “textbook perfect” heart rate pattern. Sigh of relief. Then the chest xrays…the doc comes in and says exactly this: “Well, you certainly aren’t crazy.” Turns out, I had a bleb(?) that ruptured in an air cell of my left lung….apparently a very common thing that happens…especially in people that had asthma at some point (I did as a young child). It causes chest pains/tightness and shortness of breath. And the “racing heartbeat” that I felt was just my imagination, because multiple tests showed my perfectly normal HR. Sooo, that was an experience. I was actually proud of myself for sucking it up and going to the ER on my own even though I was terrified. The moral to this story is…if you feel like something isn’t right, well it probably isn’t. And even if it turns out to be nothing, its better to be safe than sorry. In retrospect, I should have gone to the ER after I felt chest pains the first time. If it *were* a heart problem, then its extremely important to seek medical attention immediately. You shouldn’t waste any time! The doctors and nurses were so so so nice and friendly, and I felt so comfortable and at ease with them. In fact, once I entered the hospital, I felt a little bit better right away. I think it was the fact that I knew I was in a place where I could get medical attention if something were to actually be seriously wrong.

The exciting part came this morning (after 5 hours of sleep) when I got to explain the story to the boy….who was (rightfully) terrified. I had to reassure him that it was nothing serious and I was fine, minus a little chest pain. Then I got ready and drove home on 5 hours of sleep…I’m such a trooper. I didn’t mention the ER visit to the folks ’til I got home. I wanted them to see that I was fine in person before I told them so they wouldn’t worry the entire 5 hours that I was driving home! I was actually kind of nervous to tell them, because its almost like keeping a big secret you know? Going to the ER, alone, in the middle of the night? No one knew that I was there? Probably another bad judgment call on my part. I’ll know better for next time…hopefully there won’t BE a next time at the ER though! I’ve only been to the ER twice in my life (this morning’s visit was the 2nd…the first time I went I was only 6!). How many times, if any, have you been to the ER?


Where did the weekend go?

18 Apr

Yes, I had a long(er) weekend…no classes on Friday. Yet it still seems like its gone by awfully fast! Guess that happens when you have things to get done in the two weeks before classes end ;) After the 3.2 mile run on Friday, I contemplated going to Body Pump later in the day…but quickly decided against it when I realized I was exhausted. I ran some errands, finally bought The Hangover…yes I’m obsessed with that movie…and Marley & Me, which makes me cry every time! I actually went out three separate times on Friday…good thing everything is nearby my townhouse! Avoiding schoolwork as much as I could, I watched The Hangover on Friday night…alone…and I laughed out loud as much as I would if I was watching it with other people. haha. Life’s too short to not laugh :)

Saturday, I wasted more time avoiding schoolwork…see a trend here? Then I went for a 5-mile run, napped for two hours (that NEVER happens…I was obviously tired), cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I spent the evening actually doing some work (surprising I know!) with the windows open and a cool breeze coming in the room. Lovely. I lasted about an hour before reading blogs and checking Facebook. Oops.

Today I slept in until 10…which is totally surprising for me…I usually have trouble sleeping past 8:30. I got up and made myself do some more work…then I had enough and went for a 7-mile run. I just cannot sit still and do schoolwork all day. Oh well…with that 7-miler, my weekly mileage is up to 35 miles…funny, I’m not even really training for anything right now…I’ve just been in a running mood lately instead of doing other workouts. I’m not complaining ;)

I wasted more time by going grocery shopping…easily my favorite part of the weekend. I’m one of those people…love buying fresh produce and meal ideas start popping into my mind before I leave the store. Ahh…I should just not go to law school and be a chef instead….ha ha I kid. But at least there’s a back-up plan just in case…ha.

Now I have clearly avoided schoolwork enough this weekend and I’m down to the wire to get things done…that’s how it usually is. I’m a professional procrastinator…but it works out for me. Plus, there’s really only two weeks left of my college career, so I think I can work hard for a little while longer…

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend…free from procrastination…unlike mine ;)