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24. Merry Christmas Eve

24 Dec

Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully at this point, everyone has gotten the shopping done, the presents wrapped, and all of the cookies baked :) If not…well there’s still around 7 hours to get it all done before Santa arrives! But really, always remember why we truly celebrate this wonderful holiday! Hopefully you’re spending time with family and friends, feeling blessed and enjoying each others company!

Tonight I’ll be making one of these,












While I’m watching this,












And enjoying this!












Have a great Christmas Eve!


16. Things To Do On A Snowday

16 Dec

Snow days are fun, right? Well…not when you drive 50 minutes to class to take a 45 minute exam, and then sit in traffic for 2 hours. BUT that’s another story for another day :) Ideally, snow days should be filled with movies, fun, hot chocolate, and playing in the snow…here are some suggestions:

1. Watch Christmas movies – Isn’t is great when it snows so close to Christmas? I LOVE it :)







2. Make Hot Chocolate or Coffee – Add a candy cane or some holiday marshmallows for a festive drink!







3. Play Games









4. Play in the Snow…after all, that’s the most fun!



















Now that I’m home and not parked on the highway any more(!), I plan to play in the snow and curl up on the couch with a fire in the fireplace and watch some Christmas movies ;)


What’s New

28 Jun

Wow its been a month since I’ve written on the blog! I’ve had quite a busy summer and blogging fell by the wayside…obviously. haha. A LOT has happened over the past month, so I’ll try to catch ya’ll up!

When I left off in May, I was bummed because I was getting ready to start working at my job for the 3rd straight summer and wouldn’t get to enjoy Memorial Weekend at the beach. However, right before the weekend, I quit my job there and took another lifeguarding job that paid more $$$ and is way more flexible! I went to the beach with the boy and his family and we met up with friends all weekend. It was so much fun and I realized I had been missing out the past few years when I had to work over the holiday weekend!

The following weekend, my parents had a graduation party for my graduation from college. My dad made homemade BBQ (he’s the best cook!) and we had a pig-picking…plus lots and lots of beer and shots (Peppermint Patties anyone?!), cornhole, Quarters (I still suck at that game…haha) and the company of family and friends. I got lots of $$$ and my parents gave me a Virginia Tech rocking chair from Cracker Barrel…don’t you love those famous chairs when you visit the ‘Barrel on a road trip?!

The week right after my grad party weekend, my mom and I went and stayed at the beach with my aunt and cousins and family friends. It was a girls week in a super-nice cottage in Corolla, NC…so much fun. There was lots of beach/pool/hot tub time, shopping, talking, movies, and in my case, running. I love running on the beach…wish I could do that every day!

The very next weekend after my grad party, my boyfriend’s sister got married! The countdown has been on since summer began and it was definitely a PARTY! The Rehearsal Dinner was so fun, and made everyone even more excited for the big day. I went to the church early with the wedding party and helped in any way I could before the wedding started. It was fun watching everyone get ready and have pictures taken! I will admit, it just added to my wedding envy…I’m counting down the days…haha. I already have so many ideas and I can’t wait to put them to use! And of course, no wedding is complete without an awesome reception afterwards…this one was no exception! The night started off great when the wedding party had to dance in to “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night” and everyone had to do their own unique dance move. The groom showcased his famous “sprinkler” move…um, no one can do that quite like he can. haha. It really was a fun night, and I only had a ever-so-slight hangover the next day…ha.

In the meantime, while all of these fun things were going on, I had been working at the pool most days and getting a good tan! I also have been training at the gym to become a fitness instructor, so we had classes several days a week to attend. On Father’s Day weekend, I worked on Saturday and on Sunday, we just cooked out and played in the pool all day. I also got in an 8-miler on the treadmill….can’t do that too often…so boring! I’ve been running 40+ mile weeks, but pretty much on a treadmill either at home or at the gym, because its been extremely HOT here (100 degrees?!). Last week, I bought The Shred and No More Trouble Zones…I’ve heard really good things about them, so I figured why not? I’ve gotten my parents to do The Shred with me, which I’m really excited about! They really want to start working out, but have had a difficult time getting motivated…so this is really great for them! Plus 20 minutes of doing The Shred isn’t impossible, so its a good place to start. They’ve done it every single day with me, and I’m so proud of their dedication to it…well, that, and knowing our beach vacation is in a month is a really good motivator!!!

There is still so much to look forward to this summer (concerts, parties, beach, etc!) so I’m going to try and and enjoy it as best as I can :) I’m not really looking forward to going back to school so soon (especially starting law school…yikes!) but I know the next three years will fly by, so I’m not going to let it stress me out :) Well I hope everyone has had a fabulous summer so far, and hopefully it won’t be another month before I update this blog again! ;)


Where did the weekend go?

18 Apr

Yes, I had a long(er) weekend…no classes on Friday. Yet it still seems like its gone by awfully fast! Guess that happens when you have things to get done in the two weeks before classes end ;) After the 3.2 mile run on Friday, I contemplated going to Body Pump later in the day…but quickly decided against it when I realized I was exhausted. I ran some errands, finally bought The Hangover…yes I’m obsessed with that movie…and Marley & Me, which makes me cry every time! I actually went out three separate times on Friday…good thing everything is nearby my townhouse! Avoiding schoolwork as much as I could, I watched The Hangover on Friday night…alone…and I laughed out loud as much as I would if I was watching it with other people. haha. Life’s too short to not laugh :)

Saturday, I wasted more time avoiding schoolwork…see a trend here? Then I went for a 5-mile run, napped for two hours (that NEVER happens…I was obviously tired), cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I spent the evening actually doing some work (surprising I know!) with the windows open and a cool breeze coming in the room. Lovely. I lasted about an hour before reading blogs and checking Facebook. Oops.

Today I slept in until 10…which is totally surprising for me…I usually have trouble sleeping past 8:30. I got up and made myself do some more work…then I had enough and went for a 7-mile run. I just cannot sit still and do schoolwork all day. Oh well…with that 7-miler, my weekly mileage is up to 35 miles…funny, I’m not even really training for anything right now…I’ve just been in a running mood lately instead of doing other workouts. I’m not complaining ;)

I wasted more time by going grocery shopping…easily my favorite part of the weekend. I’m one of those people…love buying fresh produce and meal ideas start popping into my mind before I leave the store. Ahh…I should just not go to law school and be a chef instead….ha ha I kid. But at least there’s a back-up plan just in case…ha.

Now I have clearly avoided schoolwork enough this weekend and I’m down to the wire to get things done…that’s how it usually is. I’m a professional procrastinator…but it works out for me. Plus, there’s really only two weeks left of my college career, so I think I can work hard for a little while longer…

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend…free from procrastination…unlike mine ;)


Super (Bowl) Sunday ;)

7 Feb

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, ya’ll ;) I am such a huge sports fan, even if I don’t follow it religiously! I must say, I HAVE been following the Saints this season though. They have done well (obviously…ha ha). Although, I am actually more of a college football fan…completely partial to my HOKIES, by the way :)

So as I am still snowed in (I think I’ll attempt to dig out my car tomorrow…hopefully for the last time this winter!), I just went to the clubhouse gym to run on the t(D)readmill…again. I did 5 miles yesterday…and since I’ve been back on a running kick lately, I decided I would run 9 miles to “prepare” for the Va Is For Lovers 14k on Saturday. It was lovelyyyy…I miss long-distance running. I haven’t really had the opportunity since I’ve been back at school because its been snow on the ground almost as long as I’ve been back here. Ha. I can’t wait until it melts and I can get back in my outdoor running routine. Anyways, so I did 9 miles on the treadmill…let me just say, it takes A LOT to overcome the mental challenge of treadmill boredom! I wanted to quit a few times, even though I wasn’t physically tired…its just that staring-at-the-wall and glancing to see how many more miles I have to go that really gets me! But I did it…and I feel GREAT right now. I have really missed my runner’s “highs” ha ha :)

I think I’m going to cook something for dinner…I have a perfectly ripe avocado to incorporate into whatever I decide to cook, so hopefully it’ll be good! I should probably be doing schoolwork, but I think sitting in front of the TV watching the Super Bowl (and commercials!) sounds much better ;) Enjoy the game, ya’ll!

Update: I made chili…an interesting variation on chili actually! I used lean ground turkey, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce, a can of kidney beans, a pack of mushrooms, a cup of fresh spinach, a cup of chopped carrot slices, and spices. Then I cut up my avocado and put some on top with cheese. It’s delish!


It’s a blizzard out there…

5 Feb

So I was hoping we wouldn’t see Snowday Round II…but my wish did not come true unfortunately! I woke up this morning to a text message that said that classes were canceled. That in itself, is a shock! My university NEVER cancels a whole day of classes, even for a foot of snow or a coating of ice. So that means it must be bad, huh? Well, yeah you could say that! When I woke up and read the text, it was 7:45am, so I looked outside and saw LOTS of new snow. Yep, I know why we didn’t have classes! Its very pretty, but I am so not feeling it anymore. Give me a beach, some warm weather, and some bright sunshine ASAP!

Anyways, since I’m trapped indoors yet again, I haven’t any clue what to do…I’m a little…bored? Since I woke up early, at 7:45, and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep (why?! I have no idea…), I started reading Dear John. I wanted to read the book before I see the movie, which looks like it won’t be a problem since I can’t get out to the movies anyways! haha… So far the book is pretty good…I love Nicholas Sparks, and The Notebook & A Walk to Remember are two of my most favorite movies, so I’m excited for Dear John! What can I say, I’m a sucker for love stories ;)

I also just got Sweet Little Lies in the mail from Amazon.com…yes I’m reading Lauren Conrad’s book. haha. I actually liked the first one (L.A. Candy), so I’m hoping the new one will be just as good or better :)

I think I’m going to attempt a Pilates workout and maybe find a good cardio video on Exercise.tv…then I think its a perfect day to make soup for dinner! ;)



26 Jan

Today was one of those days when no matter how many layers you have on, you FREEZE. Not to mention it snowed off and on all day long…and there’s a *big snow storm* brewing for the end of the week, supposedly. We shall see! I like snow, but I don’t like being stuck inside…especially since Saturdays are now designated as Hot Yoga days, and Sundays are my long run day. Sigh.

After a lonnnnng day of classes (that never seemed to end) and being so cold all day, I started to feel just how sore I am from BodyPump last night! Wow that was an extreme workout, I guess since I rarely do free weights…and I think I might have lifted a little too much weight for the first class! I found out that there are BodyPump classes at the gym I just joined off-campus, so I hope to do a class or two a week in between my other workouts. Anyways, I was SO sore, especially my arms and shoulders, so I decided I would take it easy tonight to let my body recover. I did 35 minutes of intervals on the elliptical…enough to feel like I got a workout, but nothing too intense.

I had a package of Tofu in the fridge that I hadn’t cooked yet, and I couldn’t decide what to make. I thought about Tofu Chili, but I had Tomato Bisque soup for lunch and wasn’t feeling more tomatoes for dinner! So I marinated the tofu in a balsamic & olive oil vinaigrette with some spices while I went to the gym…I let it marinate for close to 2 hours. I didn’t have time to bake it, so I sauteed it on the stove and made a side of steamed veggies to go with it. It was really good actually…I wasn’t sure if it would have flavor but I guess those two hours of marinating made a difference! Its nice to change it up every now and then…I am not a vegetarian, but I think I lean more toward a veggie diet than a meat-eater’s diet. I like to get protein from other sources and not rely so much on meat. Ha, I mean CHICKEN. I don’t eat red meat anyways…or pork, really. The only meat I actually eat is chicken, and I eat fish (Mahi-Mahi, Salmon, Tuna) from time to time. But I don’t know if I want to actually classify myself as a vegetarian any time soon…I do like grilled chicken every now and then!

Last night my boyfriend and I were talking about my upcoming graduation and he brought up our future…engagement. We talk about it quite often actually, but he still has another year of school (I’m graduating a year early), and then he plans to go for a year to get his Master’s in Accounting so he’ll be an official CPA :) Soooo that means I don’t necessarily get a ring anytime soon, but it may be sooner than I think… Anyways I found myself looking on TheKnot.com again…I have done that numerous times before too…I guess I can dream, for now ;)

Well since I’ve successfully killed time not doing schoolwork tonight, I guess I’ll read a little then get some sleep!


Dreary Sunday

24 Jan

I had planned for today to be my long run for the week…until I woke up to a rainy day. I thought I might could get out and run before the heavy rain moved in, but no such luck! As soon as I walked out the door, it started pouring. So I walked directly to the clubhouse gym to run on the treadmill. I knew going in that there was no way I was going to do double-digit mileage on the treadmill…I get soooo bored! So I compromised and ran a fast 5k, walked a mile on 10% incline, and then did a half-hour on the elliptical on the highest level…still a really good workout, even without putting in the miles. I guess I’ll go on a long run one afternoon at the beginning of this week…Tuesday might be good since I get out of class by 1:45pm. Ah this rain/ice/snow/dreary weather really dampers my mood! I need some sunshine…and warm weather, maybe? ;)

So I have gotten a lot done over this weekend, and today I finished up returning and buying textbooks…hopefully I’ve gotten everything I need by now! Last night I was looking at assignments for my Health & Nutrition class that I just registered for, and I am actually really, really excited for this class! I even did a few of the Extra Credit assignments already, because I thought they were interesting! I read the assigned readings from our text this morning and almost couldn’t stop reading. Again…I should’ve been a dietician! ha ha :)

I’m a big fan of Panera Bread…whenever my mom and I go shopping or we’re near a Panera, we make sure we have lunch there. I just love their soups and salads…and fresh coffee to go with it! There happens to be two Paneras near my college, one is right off campus and the other is about 6 miles away. I’ve been craving it since I’ve been back at school, but I’ve resisted going because it would probably become a habit! Anyways, there happens to be an Au Bon Pain on my college campus, which is very similar to Panera. ABP is even included on our mealplans, so I went there today instead of giving in to my Panera addiction! I got Low-Fat French Onion Soup (it didn’t have bread and cheese on it) and a Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Salad….and it was surprisingly really good! Since I have a whole Commuter Student Meal-Plan to use by the end of the semester, maybe I’ll start going to ABP more often. I have been cooking at the townhouse a lot, so I haven’t really eaten on campus until today. But I have always had a problem spending all of my mealplan money, so maybe I should (not?) cook so much. I think most people like the convenience of having a meal-plan, but I would honestly rather cook. Does anyone else prefer cooking over having someone prepare food for you?


22 Jan

This past Fall semester was glorious. Why? Well for one, I was commuting to ODU from home, and I lived with my family & saw my boyfriend every day…I was spoiled. But the other reason was, I took only Political Science classes (which is my major). No French classes, no other electives, nothing. Just PSCI. It was fab! I enjoyed going to class every day, and I was always excited to learn new things. Fast forward to Spring 2010…the present…and I have been feeling bummed since classes began on Tuesday. In order to complete the minor that I chose (French), I still have to complete two 3000-level French classes. The thing is, I’ve really lost the desire to take French anymore. For a while now, I’ve dreaded going to any French class (I’ve been taking French since middle school, over 7 years) and I’m just always swamped with work in my French classes. Which means I don’t get to enjoy my other classes and I feel constantly stressed! So I have been thinking about what I REALLY want, especially since its my last semester of college…and I decided I would drop my minor and just take a few classes that genuinely interest me. So I signed up for a Food & Nutrition class…which I went to today for the first time, and it is right up my alley! I should’ve gone to school to be a nutritionist/dietician! But I love my Poli Sci as well ;) I also am force-adding (it’s overfilled!) a Personal Training/Fitness Instructor course which will prepare me for the ACE examination…which is what I’ve wanted to do for so long now. I want to work in a gym (during the summer, while in law school, etc.) and possibly teach group exercise classes, spinning, etc. So I finally feel happy about this semester, for the most part. I have confirmed that I have met graduation requirements, so I can breathe a little more…and now I have 3 Poli Sci courses, 2 Health/Fitness courses, and 1 English course focusing on…Harry Potter…haha…yes it’s an easy and fun class :) So that relieves a substantial amount of stress for me, and I can focus on the things I love most…Politics, Health & Fitness, and reading! ;)

Speaking of de-stressing, I am going to a 90-minute hot yoga class tomorrow…my college town just got a Hot Yoga studio which is really exciting. I had so much fun when I went to a class around home a few weekends ago. I also got to drive out today (thankfully the ice is mostly melted!) and I joined a gym that’s literally a mile or so from my townhouse, and right near campus. The on-campus gym is just WAY too crowded, and now with living off campus, its a terrible time trying to find a place to park. So I figured it would be worth my while to check out a different gym! I did 45 min. of cardio/strength training and then a Spin class. It was so-so…I much prefer my gym at home, but this will have to do for a few months!

I love to cook, but I’m actually a much better baker than anything. I tend to stray away from cooking meats for fear of under-cooking/over-cooking/handling raw meat. But I can make really good lean turkey burgers, and I actually prefer handling ground turkey rather than chicken. But I went to the grocery store after I left the gym, and there was boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale…and I actually bought two packs! I even went back to the townhouse and cut up the chicken and made a stir-fry with a little EVOO and some spices. It was really great…I’m getting the hang of cooking for myself! I also had some raw carrot chips and mushrooms with some plain hummus…delish!

So I think I just wrote a novel…oops! That’s probably more than anyone wanted to read, so I’ll go back to watching 50 First Dates and finishing my glass of wine ;)


Last First Day…of Undergrad!

19 Jan

Today was my “last first day” of classes at VT…wow, where has the time gone?! I’m pretty adjusted to my living situation even though its only been three days now. My roommates in the townhouse are great, and its so nice to have a kitchen to cook in and more space than just a dorm room! Last night I even cooked dinner…lean turkey burgers (for the whole week) and made a salad with spinach, light cheese, mushrooms, dried cranberries, and a few almonds. I even made a balsamic vinaigrette to put on top! Its nothing fancy, but at least I made an effort rather than buying a salad on campus that has unhealthy ingredients. I hope to cook pretty often :)

I have three classes on Tuesday/Thursday, and I decided to take the bus today rather than drive. Parking is a MAJOR situation on our campus and I didn’t want to be late for my first class! I found that I actually like taking the bus because its simple and it saves time finding a place to park. My first class was French, which I have been majorly stressing over…last semester was the first time I’d gone without a French class in 7 years! Yikes…I think its going to be a challenge, but the professor is really great. My other two classes were Political Science courses, which is my major. So I know I’ll enjoy those :)

Its nice to get out of classes early…I’ll be going to the gym early afternoon on T/TH. Today I’m going to Advanced Pilates and then getting in some really good cardio afterwards. I want to do vary my workouts so I don’t burn out or continue to injure my leg. I’m sitting here with ice on it right now because I might be doing a little running at the gym…hope it doesn’t hurt!